Reeves, Leroy (c1804 SC - aft 1860 ? )


Leroy Reeves


Father: probably Malachi Reeves
Mother: Unknown 1st Wife

Birth: 1804, South Carolina
Birth Source:1850 Census

Death:Unknown, possibly Alabama
Death Source:

Spouse1: Adaline


Children of Leroy Reeves and Adaline are:
  1. Martha R. Reeves b. 1834, m. Lewis Jordan on 12 Dec 1856
  2. Mark Wilson Reeves b. November 9, 1834 GA d. November 9, 1918 GA
  3. Cintha Reeves, b. 1841 GA
  4. Sarah E. Reeves, b. 1844 GA
  5. James J. Reeves, b. 1846 GA
  6. William Lott Reeves, b. September 29, 1847 GA
  7. Nancy E. Reeves, b. 1849 GA
  8. George Reeves, b. 1852 GA
  9. Lucinda Reeves, b. 1852 GA
  10. Susan Reeves, b. 1859 AL
The first documentation for Leroy is found in DeKalb County, Georgia, where he served as an ensign in the county militia in 1825-1826. During the 1832 Gold Lottery of Georgia, while residing in Johnson's District of DeKalb County GA, Leroy drew lot 116, District 4, Section 3, located in Cass, now Bartow County GA, near the Cobb County GA border. It does not appear that he ever resided on that land. He next appears in Cobb County during the 1840 US Census.

In the 1840 US Census for the 911th District of Cobb County is found: Malakiah Reeves (age 60-70), Leroy Reeves (30-40), G. W. Reeves (30-40) and Littleton Reeves (20-30). The minutes of the Noonday Baptist Church in Cobb County include as members in the years 1841-1842: Andrew B. Reeves, Jemima Reeves, and George W. Reeves. Leroy Reeves appears in the Noonday minutes for the year 1854.

The 1850 US Census for Lost District, Cobb County lists Leroy Reeves (age 47) and his wife Adaline. Also in Lost District were John Reeves (age 40) and his wife Nancy, and Litteton Reeves (age 44) and his wife Nancy.

The 1851 Tax Digest for 911th District of Cobb County includes Leroy Reeves.

In 1860, Leroy Reaves (sic Reeves) and his wife Adaline are shown in the US Census for Calhoun County, Alabama.

The 1870 US Census shows that Adaline and her children had returned to Cobb County GA. Leroy is not listed, and presumably had died. He may have died in Alabama.

Research Notes

Although there is nothing to emphatically document the relationship of Leroy to Malachi Reeves, there is a substantial amount of data that indicates a connection to that family and encourage a belief that LeRoy was a son of Malachi.

DNA of a descendant of Leroy Reeves matches that of DNA Group 3 which includes descendants of John Reeves and his wife Sarah as well as numerous other descendants of the Reeves family of Granville County, North Carolina. This descendant of Leroy Reeves also exhibits an anomaly in his DNA results that is peculiar to the descendants of John Reeves of Pendleton County, South Carolina.


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