Reeves, Nathan (c1766 - 1831 OH)


Reeves, Nathan


Mother: Elizabeth

Birth: c1766
Birth Source: Headstone

Death: 5 Dec 1831
Death Source: Headstone

Spouse1: Nancy


Children of Nathan Reeves and Nancy:
  1. Samuel T. Reeves
  2. James W. Reeves
  3. Cynthia Reeves, m. James Wells
  4. Eliza D. Reeves, m. David Collins

Nathan appears to have been in Ross County by 1795. The book The County of Ross states: "The first permanent improvement which was made in Paxton township is credited to William Kent, who was employed by Nathan Reeves to clear forty acres of land in the wilderness. In the spring of 1795, Kent entered upon this hazardous undertaking, coming from Pennsylvania for that purpose." This could indicate that Nathan Reeves was from Pennsylvania.

On 13 Jul 1799, Nathan Reeves was appointed a captain in the militia for Ross County according to The Territorial Papers of the United States.

Nathan appears to have had dealings in Claremont County early on. The following is taken from Acts of the State of Ohio as dated 18 Feb 1804: "Be it enacted by the general assembly of the state of Ohio, That William Patton, Isaac Davis and Nathan Reeves, of the county of Ross, be and they are hereby appointed and constituted commissioners, to view and examine the several parts of the aforesaid county (Claremont), or so much thereof as will, in their opinion, enable them to determine whether a removal of the seat of justice in said county be necessary."

Nathan's will was made 3 Dec 1831. It only names wife Nancy. It was proved 14 Dec 1831. Owen T. Reeves et al held bond for David Collins to execute the will.

Nathan is probably related to John D. Reeves as he held bond on the administration of his estate in Ross County, Ohio.

The 1835 Will of widow Nancy Reeves names: late husband Nathan Reeves, daughter Cynthia Wells, late son James Reeves, and her step-mother Elizabeth Reeves.

An 1851 court case reveals that Nathan had four children: Samuel T. Reeves, James Reeves, Cynthia Wells wife of James Wells, and Eliza D. Collins wife of David Collins. It also reveals that Nancy died 31 Oct 1841. The children of Eliza D. Collins claimed that the estate of Nathan Reeves was not handled according to his wishes.

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Death:        Headstone, Moore Cemetery, Ross County, Ohio

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