Reeves, Nathaniel (c1832 TN - )

Reeves, Nathaniel

Reeves, Nathaniel W.


Father: Absalom Reeves
Mother: Elizabeth Wheeler

Birth: c1832, Tennessee
Birth Source: Census

Death Source:

Spouse1: Aril Dozier


Children of Nathaniel Reeves and Aril Dozier:
  1. Raleigh Emmett Reeves, b. 4 Feb 1853
  2. J T Reeves, b. c1855
  3. William D Reeves, b. c1857
  4. Absalom Reeves, b. c1860
  5. Elizabeth Reeves, b. c1872
  6. Nancy Reeves, b. c1874
  7. James Reeves, b. c1879
  8. Oscar W Reeves, b. 6 Apr 1873

Living next to son Oscar in 1900. That census gives wife's name as Mary.


Census:      1860 Census - Bedford County, Tennessee
                    1870 Census - Independence County, Arkansas
                    1880 Census - Brown County, Texas
                    1900 Census - Johnson County, Texas