Reeves, Redden (1802 SC - ? AL)

Redden Reeves

Reeves, Redden


Father: Unknown

Birth: 1802, South Carolina
Birth Source: Census

Death: 1876, Marshall County, Alabama
Death Source:

Spouse1: Cynthia Reeve, m. c1822
Spouse2: Anny French Reeves, m. 25 Dec 1842 in DeKalb County, Georgia


Redden Reeves married (1) Cynthia Reeve (see Research Note 1 below) and (2) Ann French, widow of Cynthia’s brother, Wiley Reeves.

Children of Redden Reeves and Cynthia Reeve:
  1. R. Elizabeth Reeves, abt 1827, South Carolina
  2. Eliza Caroline Reeves, b. Feb 1827, South Carolina
  3. Reuben C. N. Reeves, b. 1827, South Carolina
  4. Mary Reeves, b. 1833, Georgia
  5. Frances Mariah Reeves, b. 1840, Marshall Co., AL
  6. Nutty Louisa Reeves, b. 1842, Georgia

The Greenville County, South Carolina census of 1830 lists the household of Redden Reives (sic) as follows: 1 Male under 5, 1 Male 20-29, 2 Females under 5, 1 Female 15-19 and 1 Female 20-29.

The 1840 census of DeKalb County, Georgia lists Redden's household as consisting of the following: 1 Male under 5, 1 Male 10-14, 1 Male 30-39, 1 Female under 5, 2 Females 10-14, 1 Female 30-39.

Children of Redden Reeves and Ann French:
  1. Jonathan Franklin Reeves, b. 12 Apr 1844, Georgia
  2. William D. Reeves, b. 1845, Marshall Co., AL
  3. Frances S. Maryetta Reeves, b. Jan 1846, Marshall Co., AL
  4. Joseph Reeves, b. 1849
  5. Joel B. Reeves, b. Jan 1850, Marshall Co., AL
  6. Levi T. Reeves, b. 3 Dec 1855, Marshall Co., AL
  7. Marion Zebulon Reeves, b. 6 Apr 1857, Marshall Co., AL

In 1847, Henry Dunn and his wife of Marshall County sold land in Marshall County to Redden "Reves" of DeKalb County, Alabama

Living in Redden and Ann's household in the 1850 census are Redden's daughters with Cynthia: Frances Mariah and Nutty Louisa ("Fanny Maria" and "Netty Arena"); Ann's daughters with Wiley Reeves: Sarah M. Reeves, Mary Jane Reeves, Martha Ann Reeves, and Francis Louisa Reeves, and Ann and Redden's children together — including their daughter Frances S. Maryetta (not to be confused with the daughters named Frances that they had with both of their first spouses). See Research Note 2 below.

Research Notes

(1)   Redden Reeves and his first wife Cynthia Reeve were not related on their respective father's side. The Y-DNA profile of a descendent of Redden's is very distinct from that of both the descendant of one of Cynthia's brothers and also one of her uncles. The latter two are members of DNA Group 10 and the former is a member of DNA Group 15 .

(2)   Ann and Redden each had children by their first marriages and also with each other. Since some of the children’s names from the first two families are the same, it can get confusing. Fortunately the estate records of George Washington Reeve’s, who was Cynthia and Wiley’s father, clarify the relationships.

William L. Jones and James A. Reeve filed a petition listing the real property of George Washington Reeve on 2 Sep 1850, stating "[the decedent’s] real estate cannot be equally fairly and beneficially divided among the heirs without a sale thereof” and naming the heirs, including “the following heirs of Cinthia Reeve decd. daughter of said deceased wife of Redden Reeve to wit Caroline Reeve Elizabeth Slayton wife of Slayton Mary Bowers wife of Bowers Fanny Reeve Netty Reeve also the following heirs of Wiley Reeve decd. son of said decd., to wit Ruth Brown wife of Elisha Brown Sarah Reeve George Reeve Jane Reeve Martha Reeve and Eliza Reeve …”   Reuben C. N. Reeves, Cynthia and Redden’s son, is not named as such in the documents but is a named legatee of the estate (DeKalb County, Alabama Probate Record Book C, pp. 211-13).


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