Reeves, Thomas (1786 NC - 1855 MO)

Reeves, Thomas

Reeves, Thomas


Father: Reeves, John
Mother: Lynch, Mary

Birth: 1786, Orange County, North Carolina
Birth Source: John Reeves' RW pension application and census

Death: 1855, Ray County, Missouri
Death Source: Probate case in Missouri Supreme Court 1856

Spouse1: Martha Davis, m. 24 Jan 1810, Wake County, North Carolina
Spouse2: Mrs. Winnefred "Winnie" MNU Phillips (b. c1790 in Kentucky), m. 1 Jan 1850 in Ray County, Missouri


Some of the children of Thomas Reeves and Martha Davis:
  1. Ann Winifred D. Reeves, b. 1811, m. Joshua Gant on 26 Aug 1833 Orange County NC
  2. Elizabeth Reeves, born 1815, m. William Murray on 9 Jan 1840 (Jackson Co., MO in 1850 census)
  3. Davis Duke Reeves, b. 1818 North Carolina, m. Eliza Ann Gaunt on 7 Oct 1841 in Ray County, Missouri
  4. Cyrus D. Reeves, b. 1820 North Carolina, d. 24 Sep 1846 in Richmond MO
  5. Frances Minerva Reeves, b. 1822, North Carolina, d. 5 Sep 1829
  6. Josephus Reeves, b. 1827 North Carolina
  7. Ephrata Reeves, b. 1829, d. 1846 in Missouri
  8. Columbus Reeves, b. 1831 North Carolina
Possible children of Thomas Reeves and Martha Davis:
  1. Martha Reeves, m. Joseph Thompson on 5 Mar 1836
  2. Ledya Reeves, m. John Williams on 10 Dec 1845
According to a biography of his son, Columbus Palestine Reeves, Thomas Reeves and Martha Davis were the parents of eleven children.

As a young adult, Thomas Reeves appears to have migrated to Tennessee as evidenced by these deeds, but returned to North Carolina within a few years:

From Stewart County, Tennessee deeds:
  • John Reeves of Orange County, NC to son Thomas Reeves of Orange County, NC, 1000 acres on S side of Cumberland, on Hickman Creek below Dyers Creek, adj. Capt. Hickman's N boundary; land was originally granted to Thomas Armstrong and James Armstrong; wit: J. Henderson, R. Freeman, Henry Beason; dated 13 Aug 1804.
  • Robert Nelson of Montgomery County, TN to Thomas Reeves of Orange County, NC, 950 acres on Hickman Creek adj. Capt. Hickman's N boundary; land was sold to Nelson by Montgomery Co. Sheriff George W. Nevill in April 1801 for the 1797 delinquent taxes of Thomas Armstrong; wit: George Petty, D. Stewart; dated 12 Dec 1804.
In the 1810 census of Orange County, Thomas Reeves was living in the next household to his father, John Reeves. The only members of the household are 1 Male 26-44 and 1 Female 16-26.

The 1830 census of Orange County lists Thomas Reeves with 1 Male 0-5, 1 Male 5-9, 1 Male 10-14, 1 Male 40-59, 2 Females 0-5, 3 Females 15-19, 1 Female 30-39, and 17 slaves.

He is listed again in the Northern Division of Orange County in the 1840 census with 1 Male 5-9, 1 Male 10-14, 1 Male 50-59, 1 Female 10-14, 1 Female 15-19, 1 Female 40-49 and 18 slaves.

Research by descendants of slaves belonging to Thomas M. Reeves indicates that he relocated to Ray County, Missouri sometime around 1847 but the move was probably circa 1845 since both his wife Martha and daughter Ephrata died in Missouri in 1846. The Ray County, Missouri US Slave Schedule dated 26 Oct 1850 lists Thomas Reeves with 20 slaves.

Thomas Reeves household in the 1850 census consists of himself, age 64, wife Winney, age 60 and son Columbus, age 19.

After Thomas Reeves' death, his widow Winnefred married Jacob Darneal on 20 Jun 1855. As Winnefred Reeves now Darneal she filed suit against the estate of Thomas Reeves for payment of certain specific legacies bequeathed by Thomas Reeves. Source: Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri, Volume 25 by E. W. Stephens, pub. 1858

From - Lives of Christian Ministers (1909) by P. J. Kernodle:
REV. THOMAS REEVES lived for many years in Orange county, North Carolina. He traveled with Rev. James O'Kelly. In 1807, he was traveling on his circuit in Surry county, Virginia, when Rev. Joseph Thomas joined him and traveled with him on his circuit. He counciled the young man Thomas and was to him quite a "genial companion and faithful guide." Elder Reeves having had charge of this circuit already some time, there remained yet to him about six months' time to be filled out, and he took with him the preacher boy who had committed himself to his guidance. They traveled on together for many days holding services once or twice every day, and in Norfolk county they came to the home of Rice Haggard, who received them kindly and encouraged the young preachers. This was the latter part of December, about Christmas time. When Elder Reeves had made his circuit the fourth time, he dismissed his young companions in April, 1808, and directed them to travel together. After he was joined by the young Thomas, he had two under his care. Thomas speaks in the highest terms of his kindness to him, and his faithfulness as a minister. Elder Reeves then turned his direction toward his home in North Carolina, and thence to the state of Tennessee. He, however, soon returned to North Carolina. In 1809, he attended the May meeting held at Shiloh with thirteen preachers in attendance, and from this time till 1820 he was in the habit of visiting at the home of Elder John Hayes, in Wake county, North Carolina. In 1830, he was present at the General Meeting or Conference held at New Providence meeting house, in Orange (now Alamance) county, and was chosen Moderator of the meeting. He also attended the General Meeting held at Lebanon in Surry country, Virginia, in 1832, and was chairman of a committee to examine the Treasurer's accounts. In 1834, he attended the Conference and General Meeting at New Providence, and again in 1837 at the same place.
At the North Carolina and Virginia Conference, at Union, in Orange (Alamance) county, North Carolina, in 1840, he was chairman of the committee to examine the Treasurer's accounts, which committee reported a balance in the Treasurer's hands of $80.08. At this Conference the subject of co-operative union was being considered, and he was named first on the committee of correspondence, "on the subject of Union between the Christian churches represented by the Conference and those in connection with the Palladium."


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