Reeves, William (c1740?? - ?)


Reeves, William


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Birth: c. 1740
Birth Source: Estimated from first known appearance in SC

Death Source:



William Reaves received a land grant in Craven County for 150 acres on 15 July 1765. He is probably the William Reeves who received a memorial for 150 acres on Fork Creek and Lynches Creek in Craven County on 6 August 1765. (This land later became a part of Chesterfield County.) He is mentioned, along with Bartholomew Ball, John Troup, and James Mikell, in a 1767 plat for land on Lynches River in Craven County. William Reeves's land on Fork Creek and Lynches Creek was mentioned in Patrick Cain's 4 September 1773 memorial for 200 acres on Fork Creek. His land was also mentioned in a 2 February 1798 plat for Jason Meador's 36 acres on Fork Creek in Chesterfield County. The land was mentioned again on 30 November 1805 in Jacob Mangum's plat for 36 acres on Fork Creek.

This man may be the William Reeves who received a plat on 6 November 1770 for 200 acres mentioning the Wateree and Congaree Rivers in Craven County on 6 November 1770. He received a grant for 200 acres in the same location on 28 July 1775. A memorial for 200 acres with the same description was dated 16 November 1775.

He is likely the William Reeves who was shown on a poll list for members of the Assembly from St. David's Parish, Craven Co., SC, dated 1768.

In 1806, William Reaves's land was mentioned in connection with plats issued to James Hollaman for land on Buffalo Creek and Lynches Creek in Chesterfield County. On 29 November 1810, William Reaves received a plat for 110 acres on Buffalo Creek in Chesterfield County, which had been surveyed by John Lowry in 1802. The plat mentions John Meador and Reuben Reeves.

It is not known whether the records from the 1770s and those from the early 1800s refer to the same William Reeves. One William Reeves was enumerated in Chesterfield in 1800,at which time he was over 45 years of age.

Research Notes

Based on proximity as indicated in land records and census records, the following Reeves appear to have lived in the same general area between about 1790 and 1810: William Reeves, John Reeves, Reuben Reeves, and Joseph Reeves. West Reeves also appears in the area between 1771 and 1773.


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