Rives, Anthony (1776 VA - 1844 MS)


Rives, Anthony


Father: Timothy Rives
Mother: Martha Binns

Birth: 22 Nov 1776, Albemarle Parish, Sussex County, Virginia
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: 24 July 1844, Hinds County, Mississippi
Death Source: Probate Petition by Widow

Spouse1: Mary Browne Green, m. 14 May 1801


Children of Anthony Rives and Mary Browne Green:
  1. Abraham Timothy Orville Chastaine Rives, b. 8 Mar 1802
  2. Elizabeth Browne Rives, b. 4 Apr 1805
  3. Henry Armistead Rives, b. 25 Oct 1806
  4. Charles Anthony Binns Rives, b. 2 May 1809
  5. Martha Binns Susanna Rives, b. 20 Apr 1812
  6. Sarah Ann Rives, b. 29 Jun 1814, m. William Mason Rives
  7. Maria Obedience Rives, b. 29 Jun 1814, d. 1873
  8. John Fletcher Rives, b. 20 Oct 1820

From Reliques of the Rives:
Anthony Rives was born November 22, 1776, in Albemarle Parish, Sussex county, Virginia, and made his home in early life at "Chalmaria" [pronounced Shelmary], in Dinwiddie county, Virginia. The compiler has heard his grandmother, Mrs. Martha Binns Susanna (Rives) Childs, who was born at "Chalmaria," state that the mansion was inclusive of some 22 rooms, but no trace remains of it today. The mansion and plantation were the gifts of Mr. Anthony Rives' father-in-law, Colonel Abram Green, a very wealthy resident of Amelia county.
Mr. Rives was a slaveholder in Dinwiddie as early as 1801, and in 1821 was the owner of as many as 22 slaves. In 1824 he removed his family to Fayette county, Tennessee, "because of the very favor able reports of conditions in that state." He did not remain long in Tennessee, but removed again to Hinds county, Mississippi, where he made his home on his plantation, "Forkland," for the rest of his life and where he was a large land and slaveowner. The first church built in his neighborhood was named Rives Chapel in recognition of the assistance which he and his eldest son had given in its establishment.
Folded away seventy-eight years and more ago, there has been found in the diary of Mr. Rives' son-in-law, the Rev. John W. Childs, the following obituary notice of Anthony Rives published in a church magazine:
Died at his residence in Hinds county, about the last of July last [1844] Mr. Anthony Rives, in sweet assurance of heaven, aged 68 years. Father Rives was from Sussex county, Va., and lived in a neighborhood "Where religion had never been able to find a resting place." In 1813 Rev. Stith Mead placed a copy of Fletcher's Appeal in his hands; and by its perusal, God brought him to see himself in the light of truth as a depraved sinner; and to feel that he never could be made an heir of eternal life, but by the grace of God, through our Lord Jesus Christ.
That year a two days camp meeting was held near him, of which he and 13 others were the subjects. The place was now embraced in the circuit. He was unwillingly appointed leader, retained the office until 1824, when he left the county. His house was a happy home for the preachers. His temper, so amiable, was infused throughout his family, and his memory is embalmed in the hearts of many, particularly the servants, many of whom were reared with him.
A short time before his last illness I met Father Rives in class. Seldom have I seen such an example of humility and triumph ; such conscious unworthiness, accompanied by such maturity in grace. He based his whole hopes, on the merits of Christ, with deepest self-abasement, and rejoiced with trembling. He gave full assurance that he was on the Lord's side, firm confidence, that when the voyage of life should end, he should enter into rest.
His last suffering was great; but grace was according to his clay. His patience, meekness and resignation accompanied him in death. He was conscious of his approaching dissolution, and only prayed the Lord to give him an easy passage. The following are some of his last expressions. His eldest son said, "Father, if the Lord see proper to take you from us, what are your prospects for a better world?" "My trust is in God." His daughter approached. He exclaimed, "O, I am so thankful I Thankful for various reasons." "Father, do you feel ready for your change, if the Lord take you from us?" "O, yes, my child, yes; but I have commited many errors." He moved his lips in silence. This much over heard. "O, that will be joyful! Storm and tempest will be no more." His daughter interposed, "You have a happy prospect before you, Papa." "O, yes, my child; but I want a bright one." It was asked if he had any word to leave, for his children at a distance? (Mrs. Early & Childs). "O, bless the Lord, tell them all I am safe, I am safe, bless the Lord." When it was apparent that his speech was fast failing, his children requested, that when he could no longer speak, if he still felt the Lord present and precious, he would give them a sign, by raising his right hand. And for a time, after every other power had failed, he repeatedly waved his right hand, in token of victory. And then, "The weary wheels of life stood still, at last." Thus lived, and thus died, a veteran saint of the Lord.
"Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright; for the end of that man is peace."
B. A. Houghton
The Southwestern Christian Advocate will please copy.
Miss. 1844

Anthony Rives married May 14, 1801, Mary Browne Green (b. June 10, 1779, d. Dec. 1860), daughter of Col. Abraham and Elizabeth (Browne) Green.

In 1847, the widow Mary B. Rives petitioned the probate court for a writ of dower for the property of Anthony Rives. It states he died 24 Jul 1844, leaving seven children.

Research Notes

The fact that Anthony appears to be living in 1840 is rather odd as there is a deed record from 1829 in which the "children and heirs" of Anthony and Mary secure the title to a negro boy named Nelson. He is described as "Anthony Rives our father late of Rutherford County State of Tennessee." Orville and Henry Rives were the two children specifically named as handling the transaction. (DB B, p14)


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