Rives, Benjamin (c1785 VA - c1860 AR)


Rives, Benjamin


Father: Robert Rives
Mother: Martha Peterson (Hardaway)

Birth: c1785, Dinwiddie County, Virginia
Birth Source: Pegram family records.

Death: Dec 1861 - Jan 1862, Arkansas
Death Source: Will

Spouse1: Rebecca Gill, m. 22 Jan 1811 in Bedford County, Virginia


Children of Benjamin Rives and Rebecca Gill:
  1. Charles Harrison Rives, b. 17 Oct 1814, d. 3 Jul 1853
  2. Robert H. Rives
  3. Benjamin S. Rives
  4. Thomas T Reeves, b. c1824
  5. Martha Peterson Rives, b. 1 Feb 1826, d. 26 May 1868
  6. Richard Reeves, b. c1827
  7. Frances A. Reeves, b. c1831
  8. Wm A. Reeves, b. c1834
  9. Eliza A. Reeves, b. c1836

Reliques notes that he "received his share of his father's estate amounting to 481 1/2 acres of land in 1810, which he disposed of in 1816 to his brother Richard Reeves; and removed that year with his wife Rebecca Gill, to Lincoln County, Tennessee. Benjamin Rives removed from Tennessee to Arkansas before the war." The 1816B tax list for Dinwiddie County states states that Benjamin deeded the land to Richard Rives.

This Benjamin Rives is shown, age 30-40, in the 1830 census in Lincoln County, Tennessee, living next to Henry Gill, likely a brother-in-law. He appears to have two daughters under five and a number of sons, probably going back to the early years of marriage. There is another Benjamin Reeves who shows up in Bedford County, directly north of Lincoln, who was much older.

Benjamin is listed on the 1836 tax list in Lincoln County. His son Charles H. Rives is listed next to his name. Thomas, Richard, Frances, William, and Eliza are listed with Benjamin and Rebecca in Fayette County, Tennessee in 1850.

The last deed in Lincoln County, Tennessee for Benjamin Rives is dated 4 Apr 1842 when he sold land to Lewis Newsom.

Benjamin apparently moved to Lawrence County, Arkansas as there is a will for him there from 1861 which names the children agreeable with the 1850 census. He has yet to be found on the 1860 census.


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Death:        1861 Will - Lawrence County, Arkansas Estate Packet

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