Rives, Briggs (1762 - )

Rives, Briggs

Rives, Briggs


Father: Timothy Rives
Mother: Sarah Gee

Birth: 10 Sep 1762
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: 1806-1808
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives, Petersburg Intelligencer Notice

Spouse1: Anne Cureton


Children of Briggs Rives and Anne Cureton:
  1. Susanna Jones Rives, b. 4 Dec 1790, m. Joseph T. Mason
  2. Francis Everod Rives, b. 14 Jan 1792
  3. Sarah Gee Rives, b. 23 Jan 1795, m. William Shands
  4. Thomas Cureton Rives, b. 13 Aug 1797, d. young
  5. Elizabeth Cureton Rives, b. 17 Oct 1799, m. Hartwell Peebles Heath
  6. Ann Briggs Rives, b. 5 May 1802
  7. Timothy Rives, b. 26 Jan 1804
  8. Jane Hambleton Rives, b. 26 Jun 1805, m. Joseph H. Hall

The above birth dates which are contained in Reliques are also found on a loose paper filed with the family Bible of grandson William B. Shands recorded by Shands.

From Reliques of the Rives:
Briggs Rives, born in 1762; lived in Prince George county, Virginia, where he inherited extensive land holdings from his wife's family. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and "was taken prisoner, carried to the West Indies and kept there for several months," according to the written testimony left by his grandson, General William B. Shands.
Briggs Rives married December 23, 1789, Anne Cureton, born January 21, 1765, daughter of Thomas and Susanna (Jones) Cureton, of Prince George. There is a deed of conveyance of 440 acres of land recorded in Prince George on January 4, 1791, between William Dunn and Jane, his wife, Nathan Heath and Elizabeth, his wife, Briggs Rives, and Anne, his wife, and Mary Cureton (Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, and Anne, being described as "daughters and devisees of Tho. Cureton, dec'd"), parties of the first part, and Nathan Jones, executor of the said Cureton, of the second part, to which transaction William Bonner, Pleasant Hunnicutt, Robert Eldridge, Williamson Bonner, Littleberry Epes Tatum, and Peyton Mason were witnesses. Briggs Rives died between 1806 and 1810; for, in the latter year, his estate was taxed with two tracts of 61 1 and 450 acres, respectively. This land was north of the Blackwater and joined the land of Thomas Conner and others. His slaves, which had numbered only eight in 1794, had increased to sixteen in 1802, and to twenty-four at the time of his death.

Petersburg Intelligencer, 3 Jan 1809
On Tuesday the 10th of January next, WILL BE HIRED at Prince George Courthouse, (it being court day) the NEGROES belonging to the estate of Peter Jones, deceased; consisting of men and children, for the ensuing year. Terms made known on the day of hire.
ANN RIEVES, Executrix,
CHARLES GEE, Executor,
of BRIGGS RIEVES, who was executor of Peter Jones, dec'd.
December 31st, 1808.

Briggs bought some land in Prince George County, Virginia from a Henry Mitchell of Hancock County, Georgia in 1801. This likely means Henry Mitchell had previously lived in Prince George County.


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