Rives, Charles Harrison (1814 TN - 1853)

Rives, Charles Harrison

Reeves, Charles Harrison


Father: Benjamin Rives
Mother: Rebecca Gill

Birth: 17 oct 1814, Booneville, Lincoln County, Tennessee
Birth Source: Headstone, Reliques

Death: 3 Jul 1853, Lincoln County, Tennessee
Death Source: Headstone

Spouse1: Charlotte Temple Rees


Children of Charles Harrison Rives and Charlotte Temple Rees:
  1. Nancy Rives, b 11 Jun 1837, d. 4 Jul 1853
  2. Benjamin Harrison Rives, CSA
  3. Rebecca Adeline Rives, m. Louis Davidson
  4. Martha Rees Rives, m. Francis Marion Waid
  5. Mary Frances Rives, b. 7 Oct 1845, m. G. W. Davidson
  6. John Jordan Rives, b. 1 Dec 1847
  7. Joel Thweatt Rives, b. 8 Jun 1850
  8. Eliza Charles Rives, b. 1853

Fayetteville Observer, 7 Jul 1853
Near Gill's store, in this county, Saturday, 2nd inst., of flux, Mr. CHARLES REEVES, aged about 35 years.

Research Notes

Note that the obituary states he died on the 2nd, but the headstone states the 3rd.


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Death:      Headstone, Rees Cemetery, Lincoln County, Tennessee
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