Rives, Foster (c1714 - fl 1762)

Rives, Foster

Rives, Foster


Father: William Rives
Mother: Elizabeth Foster

Birth: c1714
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Death: living in 1762
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From Reliques of the Rives:
He appears first in the Brunswick records in 1733 when, with Timothy, Thomas, and Thomas Rives, Jr., he was ordered to clear a road opposite Nathaniel Perry's (O. B. 1, p. 37). On June 5, 1736, he received upon the payment of 20 shillings a patent of 200 acres of land in Isle of Wight county on the southside of the Meherrin River "beginning at a hicory a corner of James Lundy's land * * * a line tree of John Peterson's land * * * a line tree of James Grecian's [Gresham's] land * * * a line tree of John Baptist Curtis." His mark for the identification of cattle belonging to him, and which was set forth as a "Swallow Fork on the right and a Crop and Slitt on the left ear," was admitted to record in Brunswick in 1755. In 1748 he appears included with Thomas Rives, George Rives and Timothy Rives amongst the voters in Brunswick county. That he was still living in 1762 appears from the mark which he made as a witness in that year to a deed of Simon and Daniel Lunday to Benjamin Rives, his first cousin. If he was illiterate, as the mark which he made to the deed would indicate, he was the only uneducated son of Col. William Rives, as there are signatures on record of all his other sons which attest their literacy.

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