Rives, Timothy (1710 VA - c1772 SC)

Rives, Timothy

Timothy Rives


Father: William Rives
Mother: Elizabeth Foster

Birth: 1710, Prince George, Virginia
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: about 1772, probably Richland, South Carolina
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Hester, whose maiden name may have been Turner; she was living in 1772.


Children of Timothy Rives and Hester Turner:
  1. William Rives, b. c1737
  2. Simon Rives, b. c1740
  3. Moses Rives, b. c1742
  4. Robert Rives, b. c1744
  5. Timothy Rives, b. c1748
  6. Priscilla Rives
  7. Elizabeth Rives, b. c1740
Reliques of the Rives discusses Timothy's life in great detail. Some key events are summarized below to help contextualize Timothy's activities and movements:
  • 1724: Timothy's father acquired land in that part of Isle of Wight County that became Brunswick County in 1732.
  • 1733: Timothy was ordered to clear a road in Brunswick County opposite Nathaniel Perry; Reliques notes that Timothy's land joined that of his uncle Thomas Rives.
  • 1735: Timothy leased 100 acres of land in Meherrin Parish from James Douglas with Joseph Turner as witness.
  • 1735 and 1737: Along with Michael Wall, Joshua Clark, and Henry Cook, Timothy was appointed to procession all the land from John Irby's road to to the Cane Branch, to Timothy Rives, to Thomas Rives, to Capt. Robert Hix, Jr.
  • 1741: Timothy recorded a cattle mark.
  • 1746: Timothy purchased two tracts, one of 400 acres and one of 50 acres, from Benjamin Rives of Prince George County and George Rives and Thomas and Mary Jeffries of Brunswick County, land patented by Timothy's father William.
  • 1746: With Benjamin Rives, Timothy deeded to Thomas Jeffries 250 acres in St. Andrew's Parish, Brunswick County.
  • 1747: Timothy was granted 140 acres in Brunswick joining his own land.
  • 1748: Timothy was granted 100 acres in Brunswick joining William Rives.
  • 1748: Timothy voted in election for members of the House of Burgesses.
  • 1751: Timothy Rives appointed to take tithables.
  • 1751: Along with George Wyche and Nicholas Lanier, Timothy became a Justice of the Brunswick County Court.
  • 1755: Timothy Rives and Cirby Moody sue one another for trespass in Brunswick County.
  • 1757: Timothy obtained judgment in an attachment against the estate of his cousin Joseph Rives.
  • 1767: Timothy sold 300 acres to John Wilkerson. Simon Turner and Robert Rives witnessed.
  • 1771: Timothy deeded a slave to his son Timothy with John Turner as witness.
  • 1771: Timothy deeded 210 acres to his son Robert Rives joining Moses Rives.
  • 1772: Timothy renewed title to his land by a patent of 940 acres, including land joining Moses Rives and land joining Thomas Jeffries. This included land patented by his father William Rives, by James Douglas, and by himself.
  • 1772: Timothy deeded to his son Timothy four slaves with William Turner as witness.
  • 1772: Timothy and wife Hester deeded property to William Turner.

Reliques contains no documented references to Timothy or Hester after 1772 but speculates that Timothy sold his property in 1772 in preparation for moving to South Carolina, where he joined his children in Camden District. Since no other records have been found, it is believed that he died not long after 1772.

Research Notes

Spouse and all children except Elizabeth are documented in Reliques of the Rives with numerous source documents cited. See especially Reliques, pp. 85-88, for a discussion of Timothy's life and 88-150 for a discussion of his children and descendants.


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