Rives, Simon (c1740 VA - c1774 VA)

Rives, Simon

Rives, Simon


Father: Timothy Rives
Mother: Hester Turner

Birth: c1740, Brunswick Co., Virginia
Birth Source: Estimate from Reliques of the Rives

Death: c1774, Brunswick Co., Virginia
Death Source: Brunswick Co., VA, Court Orders

Spouse1: Hannah, who may have been nee Williamson


Children of Simon Rives and Hannah:
  1. Simon Rives, b. c1765
  2. Herbert Rives, b. c1767
  3. Thomas Rives, b. c1769
  4. Mary Rives, m. Reed Dupree

From Reliques: "According to the will of this Herbert Rives, her (Hannah) son, Simon and Hannah Rives would appear to have had issue as follows:" (see above).

From Reliques of the Rives:
Simon Rives was born about 1740 and died in 1774 in Brunswick county, Virginia. In 1763 he purchased for £106 from Littlebury Carter land in Brunswick on the east side of the Great Swamp "granted to Jonathan Carter by patent * * * March 15, 1741, and after his death to his son Thomas Carter and now by his grandson Littlebury Carter," the deed being witnessed by William Rives, John Cook and Wm. Womack. Simon Rives was several times in volved in law suits, bringing action on July 29, 1766, against Carmichael Scutchello "for five pounds due by account" (0. B. 10, p. 51). On January 8, 1767, he witnessed a deed made by Thomas and Mary Jeffries to Timothy Rives, and on September 27, 1773, he was one of the sureties with John Rives for Robert Rives when the last-named was appointed guardian for Marianna and John Williamson. In 1774 Simon Rives was in a suit in Brunswick against Chas. Williams and J. Harris, while in the same year suit was brought against him by James Wall, Jr., assignee of John Jeter, and judgment given against him, Moses Rives being the security for his appearance. In the inventory of the estate of George Rives filed in Brunswick, Simon Rives was named one of the creditors. Amongst the chancery papers of record in Greensville county, Virginia, there is note of "Mr. Simon Reaves, dec'd, in account with Lewis Williamson," the account running from October 17, 1764, to October 8, 1786. In this account reference is made to the father of Simon Rives, thus, "Feb. 1769, By your father as well as I remember, £7."

A "Memorandum of the Praisement of the Estate of Simon Rives, deceased, Sept. 27, 1774, made October 22, 1787, by Thomas Dupree, administrator, is recorded in Brunswick county, showing a total personal estate valued at £321:4:7, and comprising amongst other items the following:

Simon Rives would appear to have married Hannah (Williamson ?) who is recorded in 1782 in the tax lists of Greensville county (formed from Brunswick in 1781) as the head of a family of five whites and the owner of 335 acres of land, 13 slaves, 4 horses, and 15 head of cattle. In 1790 she paid in Greensville county the personal tax assessed on Herbert Rives.

Research Notes

It would seem that the note on the appraisement for the estate of Simon Rives may actually give his death date.

Son Thomas may be the Thomas Rives who lived in Lexington County. His son Simon may be the Simon Rives who died in Morgan Co., GA.


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