Rives, Thomas (c1714 - )

Rives, Thomas

Rives, Thomas


Father: Thomas Rives
Mother: Hannah Bishop

Birth: c1714
Birth Source:

Death: possibly circa 1760 in Dobbs County, North Carolina
Death Source:

Spouse1: possibly Jane MNU


According to Reliques, "the only mention which occurs of him in the records is in 1733 when as 'Thomas Reaves, Jr.,' he was ordered to clear a road in Brunswick county with his father and Timothy and Foster Rives, and in 1738 when as 'Thomas x Rives, Jr.' he witnessed a deed made by his father."

POSSIBLE child of Thomas Rives (Reaves) and Jane: (UNDOCUMENTED)
  1. Hardy Reaves

Research Notes

It is conceivable that Thomas left Virginia, relocating to North Carolina after 1738. His brother George Rives is recorded as living in Northampton County NC in 1746 and by 1764 in Johnston County which joined Dobbs County. A Thomas Reaves is listed in the Deed Book 5, 1757-1758, deed indexes of Dobbs County (Extinct), North Carolina and in the index of Deed Book 6, 1758-1765, a Joseph Reaves who is very likely his brother Joseph Rives is also listed.

Thomas Reaves does not appear in the Dobbs deed indexes again after the 1757-1758 entry; however in Deed Book 6, 1758-1765, a Jane Reaves is found as a grantor in that index. In 1763 Jane Reaves is again found in the deeds of adjoining Duplin County. Jane was undoubtedly a widow and since she appears in the area deeds immediately after the disappearance of Thomas Reaves, it is highly likely that she may have been his widow.

The land that Jane Reaves purchased in Duplin County was in the area of Mt. Olive based upon landmarks and watercourses related to the area of the property conveyed to her. Mt. Olive, North Carolina was the location of the family of Hardy Reaves . Recently three descendants of Hardy Reaves have participated in the Reeves DNA Project and are matches to members of the Rives family all of whom are found in DNA Group 8.

Although this does not constitute proof that Hardy Reaves is descended from Thomas and Jane Reaves, it adds to an accumulation of evidence in support of such a family connection.


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