Rives, Frederick Alexander ( - 1849)


Rives, Frederick Alexander


Father: Joseph Rives
Mother: Mary Frances Prunty

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Death: 26 Jul 1849
Death Source: Reliques



From Reliques of the Rives:
He was a student at Emory and Henry College during the sessions 1841-44. On Apr. 27, 1843, he wrote to his brother, George Washington Rives, from Emory and Henry College: "I deem it unnecessary to say any thing of the gratification your letter afforded me (as this is a natural consequence when friendship exists as it does between us) * * * About the first of Jan. I left College and went home on a visit and did not return until about five days ago * * * In your letter you request me to say if there is [any] one engaged in counterfeiting in Giles co. To this I say there appears to be or has been, as certain parties have left these parts & are not heard from by any persons. When I left home all the family was in good health and the people generally * * * . Again in your letter you speak of your condition as respects religion, you say that you are in the same condition that you was when you left Va. though you feel different on many subjects & have left off many of your old practices and you are determined to lead the life of a christian. Let me say to you this is a good determination but what will this avail you if you do not put your determination in to execution, you should be determined and act accordingly, in this way you will be able to do the things acceptable in the sight of God and in so doing you will be blessed. George, I feel a great concern about you as respects your Soul * * * . For myself I can say that you have an interest in the prayers of me, your unworthy brother. O! save us all from an awful hell." In another letter, dated Oct. 25, 1847, from Warren co. Ky., he described to his brother, George W. Rives, his visit to Kentucky, as follows : "I have thus far accomplished my journey tolerably com fortable only. For the first few days riding fatigued me almost more than I could bear. * * * I spent a week at Morgan field very pleasantly —had a ticket to a fine party but could not attend as I was about leaving when I received it—left Aaron Waller [husband of Frederick Rives' first cousin, Elizabeth Rives] in bed quite unwell. I have been here (John Knowles) more than two weeks and have rode about with Bob in his tours practicing medicine. I have been strongly solicited by the foremost men in the neighborhood to take a school but have to de cline as my health is no better * * * . I have swapped off my much loved horse to Bob Prunty for a mair about the same size of my horse worth $50 and got $32.50 in money * * * . At Morganfield I had a letter from Dock Dr. Benjamin Franklin Rives stating he had sold the most of his property * * * and on the 15th would start for St. Louis, there to work at his traid * * * . He wrote I must go to Arkansas & do his business and at Christmas he would look for me in St. Louis * * * .

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