Rives, James Dandridge (1871 TN - )


Rives, James Dandridge, Jr.


Father: James Dandrige Rives
Mother: Mary Frances Tucker

Birth: 21 Sep 1871, Hollow Rock, Tennessee
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Spouse1: Mattie Avant, m. 1 Jan 1901


Children of James Dandridge Rives Jr. and Mattie Avant:
  1. Alvin Rives, b. c1904
  2. Maurine Rives, b. c1906
  3. James D. Rives, b. c1908
  4. Ned Rives
  5. Hallie Rives

From Reliques of the Rives:
James Dandridge Rives was born at Hollow Rock, Tennessee, and was graduated from Terrell College in 1898. For several years he was a teacher in schools and colleges in his native state. For some years he has made his home at Holdenville, Oklahoma, where he is active in Democratic politics, having served on various county and state committees, and as mayor of Holdenville, 1918-1925. Mr. Rives married January 1, 1901, Mattie
Avant, adopted daughter of Dr. Alvin and Addie Avant.

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1910 Census:  Hughes County, Oklahoma
1920 Census:  Hughes County, Oklahoma

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