Rives, James Turner (1816 - 1887 KY)

Rives, James Turner

Rives, James Turner


Father: Thomas Rives
Mother: Mary B Collins

Birth: 21 Mar 1816
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:

Spouse1: Rebecca Ann Turner, m. 22 Sep 1841


Children of James Turner Rives and Rebecca Ann Turner:
  1. Lucile Amelia Rives, b. 26 Jan 1843, d. 3 Oct 1862
  2. Winfield Scott Rives, b. 21 Aug 1844, d. 15 Jan 1862
  3. Rufus Cornelius Rives, b. 23 Mar 1846
  4. James Turner Rives, b. 18 Oct 1848
  5. George Walter Rives, b. 26 Jan 1852, d. 6 Mar 1860
  6. Willie Addie Rives, b. 2 Jan 1854, m. James Sewell Wills
  7. Anna Maude Rives, b. 28 Apr 1856, m. Walter Gross Wills
  8. Matilda Emma Bell Rives, b. 15 Sep 1858, m. William Overton Allen
  9. Thomas Stephen Rives, b. 23 Mar 1860, d. 21 Jan 1895

Mother Mary B. Rives was living with the family in 1880.

From Reliques of the Rives:
They purchased some land and built a home four miles from his father's estate, near Garrettsburg, Ky., where they spent the rest of their lives engaged in farming. He had some skill as a mechanic and did his own carpentry. The house he built still stands in fairly good repair, a testimony to his skill. He was a man of medium size and of quiet
manner, while his wife was tall, heavily built, and of much energy. Their house was a large one of the old Colonial type and was a center of amusement for the young people of the entire neighborhood.


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