Rives, Rufus Cornelius (1846 TN - 1920 KY)

Rives, Rufus Cornelius

Rives, Rufus Cornelius


Father: James Turner Rives
Mother: Rebecca Ann Turner

Birth: 23 Mar 1846, Tennessee
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives, Death Certificate

Death: Jun 1920, Christian County, Kentucky
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives, Death Certificate

Spouse1: Mary William Elliot, m. 10 Sep 1864


Children of Rufus Cornelius Rives and Mary William Elliot:
  1. Mary Eloise Rives, b. 8 Aug 1865, m. William E. Carr
  2. Macklin Elliott Rives, b. 20 May 1867
  3. Francis Campbell Rives, b. 15 Mar 1871
  4. Henry Colegate Rives, b. 2 Oct 1872
  5. James Rufus Rives, b. 25 Dec 1874
  6. William Joseph Rives, b. 19 Aug 1877

Death Certificate names his parents.

From Reliques of the Rives:
Rufus Cornelius Rives, was, like his father, mechanically inclined, and developed some skill as a carpenter and brick—mason. He married September 10, 1864, Mary William Elliott (b. Apr. 4, 1845, in Vicksburg, Miss., daughter of John S. Elliott, of Va., and his wife, Mary Slaughter). Soon after his marriage he built a double log house of four rooms and a hall between which still stands in fairly good repair. He devoted most of his time to farming, including the raising of tobacco, wheat and corn. After reaching maturity he became interested in reading law, and later took an examination for the bar and was admitted to practice. During the last twenty-five years of his life he devoted a large part of his time to law practice. He was fond of music and was a favorite of the people of his community, especially the young, whom he was ever ready to assist with their entertainments, at his home or elsewhere. His advice was widely sought by young and old alike. The colored people especially came to him with their troubles; and, in the assistance he was called upon to render them, rarely ever made any charge for his services. Many of them—or their parents—had belonged to his father or grandfather. He was for many years a magistrate in the Garrettsburg District, a member of the county court, and a school trustee for twenty years or more. Though he never held any other official positions, nor ever took an active part in religious work, there was no man of his community held in higher esteem than he.


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