Rives, Thomas (c1823 - )

Rives, Thomas

Rives, Thomas


Father: Thomas Rives
Mother: Mary B. Collins

Birth: c1823, probably North Carolina
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:

Spouse1: Emily Wayne


Children of Thomas Rives and Emily Wayne:
  1. Thomas Mercer Rives, b. c1848
  2. May Belle Rives, b. c1841, m. Dr. Walter Chiles
  3. James Coleman Rives, b. 1853
  4. Blanche Rives, b. c1855
  5. J. Richard Rives, b. c1858, m. Mary E. Kelley
  6. Lida Rives, b. c1860, m. Mr. Muldrow
  7. Jefferson D. Rives, b. c1862
  8. Pat Rives, b. c1864 m. Hattie Childs
  9. Beulah Rives, b. c1866
  10. Helen Rives, b. c1869

Reliques states "He was brought up by his parents in Kentucky and, after his marriage to Emily Wayne, settled on a farm at Maxon Mill, near Paducah, in McCracken county, Ky."


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Census:    1860 Census - McCracken County, Kentucky
                   1870 Census - McCracken County, Kentucky