Rives, Timothy (c1704 - )

Rives, Timothy

Rives, Timothy


Father: Timothy Rives
Mother: Judith Moore

Birth: c1704
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:

Spouse1: Mary
Spouse2: Catherine (Barker), widow of Henry Barker
Spouse3: Unknown


Children of Timothy and Mary Rives:
  1. William Rives, b. c1736
  2. Timothy Rives, b. c1740

From Reliques of the Rives:
Timothy, born about 1704, was a resident for the greater part of his life of Prince George county, Virginia, where he was a member of Bristol Parish. He was in Prince George as early as 1728 when he witnessed a deed in that county.

In 1746 George Rives, of Surry county, Virginia, made his will in which he bequeathed "unto my loving brother Timothy Rives and his heirs forever one parcel and tract of land containing two hundred and twenty-five acres more or less in the main fork of the Cherry Orchard Branch where he now lives," which was undoubtedly the 225 acres George Rives had patented in Prince George county on August 4, 1725, and which was described in the patent as "on the forks of the Cherry Orchard Branch of Jones Hole." Here for six generations descendants of Timothy Rives have continued to reside.

Following the death of George Rives, and George Rives' son, John Rives, who had been named executor of his father's estate, Frances Rives, widow of George Rives, was appointed administratrix of her husband's estate, and "at the special request of Frances Rives," Timothy Rives became bound with Christopher Tatum and William Petway for her faithful administration. On January 20, 1755, Frances Rives, John Jones, and Richard Rives, Sen., of Sussex county, entered into a bond recorded on that date in that county to "Timothy Reaves of the County of Prince George" in the sum of £1,000, the condition of the bond being that Frances Rives should discharge Timothy Rives from any legal action to which he might be subject by reason of his acting as security for Frances Rives. The bond, signed by Frances x Rives, John Jones, and Richard Rives, was witnessed by William x Rives, and George Rives.

Timothy Rives, according to a family tradition, married three times, but only the name of his first wife, Mary, who appears with him in the Bristol Parish Register in 1743, and that of Catherine Barker, widow of Henry Barker, presumably second wife of Timothy Rives, whom he married in 1763, are known. The marriage bond dated February 12, 1763, of Timothy Rives and Catherine Barker, is recorded in Sussex county, Virginia, William Chambliss being noted as security. The death of "Katherine Rives" was recorded in Albemarle Parish on April 4, 1772.

In 1748 Timothy Rives was in a suit in Surry county against Thomas Price, and in 1757 he was plaintiff in a suit for debt in Sussex county. In 1777 his son, William Rives, made his will in Sussex county and devised to "my father during his life the house wherein he now lives together with one half the College land, also three negroes." The Sussex tax lists of 1782 show that Timothy Rives paid taxes on these three negroes in that year. He is said to have died at a very advanced age, the exact date not being known.


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