Rives, William (c1736 - c1778)

Rives, William

Rives, William


Father: Timothy Rives
Mother: Mary

Birth: c1736
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: Aug 1777 - May 1778
Death Source: Will/Probate

Spouse1: Lucy Shands


Children of William Rives and Lucy Shands:
  1. Mary Rives, b. c1759, m. Mr. Peebles
  2. Joel Rives, b. 6 Apr 1761
  3. Robert Rives, b. 11 March 1764
  4. Charles Rives, b. 25 Aug 1766
  5. Henry Rives, b. 12 May 1768
  6. Lavinia Rives, b. 21 Feb 1770, d. Jul 1852
  7. Hartwell Rives, b. 28 Oct 1772
  8. Phoebe Rives, b. 22 Dec 1774

From Reliques of the Rives:
William Rives removed from Prince George to Sussex county, Virginia, shortly after his marriage and before 1766, where he became the proprietor of a tavern. Amongst the marriage bonds recorded in Sussex there is filed a list of those to whom licenses were granted from September 25, 1771, to October 10, 1772, to maintain taverns, and included in the list is the name of "William Rieves." This tavern, or ordinary, he directed to be disposed of after his death when making his will in 1777. It is said that he was a man of very powerful physique : sufficiently strong to permit him to engage in feats of physical prowess with the famed Peter Francisco.

William Rives was a member of Nottoway Church in Albemarle Parish, according to his will in which he describes himself as of "the Parish of Nottoway and County of Sussex." So far as the compiler knows, the whole of Sussex county was included within the bounds of Albemarle Parish, in the Register of which the births of most of his children are recorded. In this parish there were four churches : St. Mark's, St. Andrew's, St. Paul's, and Nottoway.

William Rives made his will in Sussex county on August 28, 1777, which was proved on May 21, 1778, by the oaths of "Lucy Rives, widow and Timothy Rives, executrix and one of the executors," as follows:
In the name of God Amen, I William Rives of the Parish of Nottoway and County of Sussex, being in perfect sense and memory, blessed be God, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form follow ing. First my will and desire is that the land and ordinary whereon I now live as soon as convenient after my death be sold for the best price that can be got either for cash or credit whichever my executrix and executors may think best. Item, I give to my son Joel thirty pounds to him and his heirs to be paid him when he arrives to the age of twenty-one. I give to my son Robert thirty pounds to him and his heirs to be paid him when he arrives to the age of twenty-one. I give to my son Henry thirty pounds to him and his heirs to be paid him when he arrives to the age of twenty-one. I give to my brother Timothy Rives thirty pounds to be paid him when my Father departs this life and not before. I lend my father during his life the house wherein he now lives together with one half the College land, also three negroes vizt., Cate, Frank and Suky and after his death to return unto my estate. I lend my loving wife all the residue of my slaves and personal property until my son Henry comes to the age of twenty-one upon these express conditions that she maintain and educate my children. It is also my will and desire that there be a house built on my College land which land and house I lend my wife during her natural life. I also lend her the other half of the College land which I have before lent to my father (after his death) during her life. My will and desire is that my estate bq kept together by my loving wife for the support of her and my children until my son Henry arrives at the age of twenty-one and in case of his death until my son Robert and in case of his death until my son Joel arrives at that age. Then it is my will and desire that my whole estate of every kind whatsoever be equally divided amongst my wife and children, the part that falls to my children I give to them and their heirs forever and that to my wife I lend her during her natural life and after her death to be equally divided amongst all my children. Lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my loving wife, my Brother Timothy Rives and Augustine Shands Executrix and Executors to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 28 August 1777.
W. Rives (seal)
Signed sealed and declared
to be the testator's last will
in the presence of us
Will Claiborne Sr, Fredd Leigh
Jno Underhill, James Bailey

William Rives married Lucy, born January 9, 1740, in Albemarle Parish, Surry county, daughter of William and Priscilla Shands, and granddaughter of William and Nazareth (Robards) Shands.

The birth dates of children Charles through Pheobe are to be found in the Albermarle Parish Register.

Some of the land mentioned in his will was sold by his wife Lucy and brother Timothy as executors to John Mason in 1779. The scan on FamilySearch is only partially readable, but Joel Rives and Robert Rives were witnesses to it.

Daughters Lavinia and Phebe are both buried in the family cemetery on son Robert Rives's land. The headstone of each states "sister of Robert Rives."


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