Rives, Timothy (c1740 - c1802)

Rives, Timothy

Rives, Timothy, Col.


Father: Timothy Rives
Mother: Mary

Birth: c1740
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: c1802
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Sarah Gee


Children of Timothy Rives and Sarah Gee:
  1. Briggs Rives, b. 1762
  2. Timothy Rives, b. c1765
  3. John Rives, b. c1775

Possible Child of Timothy Rives:
  1. Judith Rives, m. John Gee

From Reliques of the Rives:
Timothy Rives, known in the family bible now in the possession of Mr. Charles T. Lassiter, of Petersburg, Virginia, as "Timothy, the Little," was born about 1740, and resided in Prince George county, Virginia, on the 225 acres of land on the forks of the Cherry Orchard branch of Jones' Hole Swamp, where his father had lived, and which his father had received as a legacy in 1746 from George Rives.

The destruction of most of the Prince George county records precludes the presentation of much testimony concerning him; but, that he was a man of wide influence and esteem, is evidenced by his long occupancy of an office in the county militia. The first extant tax list of Prince George county, dating from 1782, records him as "Capt. Timothy Rives," the owner of six slaves and 225 acres of land. His slave holdings had increased to nine in 1784, and to ten in 1785, but his land holdings continued to remain the same and serve as a convenient means of his identification and his distinction from his cousin, Timothy Rives, who appears in the records identified as "Timothy Rives, son of William". In 1796 he appears in the tax lists as Major Timothy Rives and, in 1801, as Colonel Timothy Rives. He died about 1802; for, in 1803, his 225 acres of land are registered in the name of his estate.

Colonel Timothy Rives married, according to the bible record mentioned, Sarah Gee, who was born, according to the Bristol Parish Register, August 22, 1743, the daughter of Charles and Mary Gee. Charles Gee was a son of Captain James Gee, born 1694, died 1759- 60, in Sussex county, Virginia, by his wife, Boyce, daughter of John Scott, of Prince George county, Va. Charles Gee's wife was Mary, daughter of James Chappell (who died in Sussex county in 1769), and his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Briggs, the Indian interpreter, who died in Surry county, Virginia, in 1739.


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