Rives, William (1706 VA - 1782 VA)

Rives, William

Rives, William


Father: Timothy Rives

Birth: 1706 Surry County, Virginia
Birth Source:Reliques of the Rives

Death: aft 1782, Prince George County, Virginia
Death Source:Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Priscilla


Children of William Rives and Priscilla:
  1. William Rives, b. c1732
  2. John Rives, b. c1736
  3. Elizabeth Rives, b. 1738
  4. Judith Rives, b. 10 Aug 1744, m. James Chappell, Jr.
  5. Timothy Rives, b. c1746

From Reliques of the Rives:
William Rives, born about 1706, removed, like his brother Timothy Rives, to Prince George county, Virginia. On October 15, 1741, upon the payment of 30 shillings, William Rives patented 300 acres of land in Prince George county "on the upper side of the Cherry Orchard Branch of Jones Hole and bounded as follows: Beginning in his brother George Rives’s line at the said Cherry Orchard Branch * * * to Michael Hill’s corner * * * in Cuthbert Williamson's line." This land adjoined that on which his brother Timothy Rives resided.
William Rives was a communicant of Bristol Parish in Prince George county: as there is recorded in 1744 in the Register of that Parish the birth of Judith, daughter of William and Priscilla Rives. In 1746 he was the legatee, by the will of his brother George Rives, of Surry county, Virginia, of "a tract of land containing fifty acres more or less where he (William Rives) now lives." His identification is made the easier in the records of the time by his illiteracy which distinguished him from all the other Rives who resided in Surry and Sussex counties. In 1755 he made his mark as a witness to the bond executed in Sussex county by Frances Rives, widow of George Rives, to which John Jones and Richard Rives, Sen. were sureties, in favor of Timothy Rives, of Prince George county, who had previously bonded himself for the faithful administration by Frances Rives of the estate of her husband, George Rives. William Rives affixed his mark also to the deed of conveyance made by him on October 17, 1765, in Sussex county, in which he is described as "William Rives of the County of Prince George," wherein he made a deed of gift to his daughter, Judith Chappell, and his son-in-law, James Chappell, Jr. In the Prince George county tax lists for 1782, William Rives is credited with 330 acres of land and 21 slaves. He died very shortly thereafter.


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