Ryves, Brune (c1636 - aft 1680)

Ryves, Brune

Ryves, Brune


Father: Brune Ryves
Mother: Katherine Waldram

Birth: c1636
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: after 1680
Death Source:



Children of Brune Ryves:
  1. Brune Ryves, b. c1663

From Reliques of the Rives:
Brune Ryves, born about 1636, living 1680, was a merchant and shipowner of consider able means of London; engaged as early as 1660 in overseas trade in which year he had a passport for his ship, the Exchange, to go to sea (Cal. State Papers, 1660). In 1672 his goods in two ships were seized by the French when on their way to Bilboa in Spain (Cal. State Papers, 1672, page 272) and it was doubtless he of whom Capt. John Wyborne wrote in the same year from Portsmouth : "our victualling is in most strange confusion through the neglect of Mr. Ryves who has been here but never came on board and is gone to London again. I beseech you to send him down again to finish his business" (Cal. State Papers, 1672). He was named executor of his father's will in 1677; was the administrator of his brother, Thomas, in 1679; and was named in the will of his brother, Joseph, in 1680. According to his father's will he was married before 1677, probably about 1662; and, according to his brother Joseph's will ( 1680) he had a son: Brune.


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