Ryves, Henry (c1566 - 1620)

Ryves, Henry

Ryves, Henry


Father: John Ryves
Mother: Elizabeth Mervyn

Birth: c1566
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: 1620
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Christian


Children of Henry Ryves and Christian:
  1. Elizabeth Ryves, m. her cousin George Ryves of Ranston
  2. George Ryves, b. 1600

From Reliques of the Rives:
Henry was born about 1566, died 1620, fourth son of John Ryves of Damory Court, settled at Barton Stacie, co. Hampshire, or Hants. Having been destined neither for the church nor the law as his brothers, Dr. George, Dr. Charles, Sir William and Sir Thomas, he does not appear either among the entrants to Winchester College or to the Inns of Court. Apart from the mention of him in the will of his father (1587) by whom he was given £ 100, and his appearance in the Hutchins' pedigree of Ryves as the son of John Ryves, the only other testimony for him is his will:
P. C. C. 61 Soame.
Dated 22 Oct. 1613.
Proved 19 June 1620.

I, Henry Rives of Barton Stacie first and above all things bequeathe my soule into the hands of the eternall God which hath created me and my firm hope and beleife is that I shall bee saved by the death and passion of Jesus Christ his eternall sonne. I give unto the poore people of the Towne of Poulle, co. Dorset, 20 shillings, unto the poor of Alverstoke 20 shillings. I give unto the poore people of Barton stacie 10 shillings. ... I give unto my brother Sir John Rives kt and unto my sonne George Rives my lease of my farm in Barton Stacie. I would have my sonne wholly ruled and disposed of by my brother Sir John Ryves whome I doubt not will prove a kynd and lovinge unckle unto him. ... I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Ryves £200. ... I give unto Christian Ryves my welbeloved wife whom I make my Executrix all the rest of my goods. Concerning the Statute which Mr. Salmon has forfeited unto me my will is that my brother Sir John Ryves kt and my sonne George Ryves shall have royall power as if myself were livinge to order and dispose thereof according to lawe. I would entreate my good freinds Mr. Thomas Bacon and Ro. Couper, Mr. William Richardson, Mr. Daniell to be my overseers. . . . Witnesses: Wm. Jervis, John Davyes.

He married Christian, of whom there is no mention by Hutchins. She died in the same year as her husband and left a nuncupative will, as follows:
Dated 25 Apr. 1620.
Proved 19 June 1620.

Memorandum that upon the 25th daye of Aprill 1620 Christian Rives late of Blandforde forum widdowe did make her will by word of mowthe onelie. She gave to her sonne George Rives £100, to her daughter Elizabeth £40, to her daughter Ellen £40/ She gave unto Henry Tompson the sonne of Ellen Tompson £5. She gave unto Henry West the sonne of Christian West £5. She gave unto her six grandchildren 40 shillings apeece. She gave unto her man Henry 40 shillings, unto her servant ffrauncis 30 shillings, unto her grandchild Dominicke Huetson £10. In the presence of the Ladie Dorothie Rives, Macham, the wife of Hughe Macham, Constantine Adyn
and others.


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