Ryves, John (? - c.1544 ENG)


Ryves, John


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Birth: Unknown

Death: c.1544
Death Source: Family Tree researched by John Anthony Reeves c.1962

Spouse1: Unknown


Children of John Ryves:
  1. Thomas Ryves
  2. John Ryves

Of Bransbury. Granted the site of the manor of Bransbury, County Hants in 1538.

John's eldest son Thomas was granted the lease of the site of the manor of Bransbury in 1544 for a period of 70 years. Thomas died without issue.

Research Notes

(1) This John Ryves is the progenitor of the Hampshire Branch of the Ryves/Reeves family which remains plentiful in numbers in the Southampton area of Hampshire in the present day. The branch is definitely related to the Ryves family of Blandford. Childs suggests that a John may have been the brother of Robert Ryves, although he attaches this potential sibling relationship to this John's son. However it is entirely plausible that this John may have been Robert's sibling, as this family appears (through subsequent generations) to have maintained close ties with the Blandford family. This John Ryves was living during the same period as Robert and this would be consistent with them being siblings. This Hampshire branch bore identical arms and family crest to those of the Dorset Ryves.


Family Tree researched by John Anthony Reeves c.1962