Ryves, Richard (c1590 - 1634)

Ryves, Richard

Ryves, Richard


Father: Thomas Ryves
Mother: Jane Gould

Birth: c1590
Birth Source:

Death: 1634
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Dorothy Gold


Children of Richard Ryves and Dorothy Gold:
  1. Richard Ryves, b. c1617
  2. John Ryves, b. c1619
  3. Ann Ryves, b. c1622
  4. Eleanor Ryves, b. c1624, m. Charles Staveley
  5. Dorothy Ryves, b. c1626, m. Robert Sewell

From Reliques of the Rives:
Richard Ryves, of the Parish of St. Peter's, Shaftesbury, co. Dorset, born about 1590, died in 1634, is recorded by Hutchins as a son of Thomas Ryves and the father of Sir Richard Ryves. His place in the genealogy, as well as that of his father is given further confirmation by the mention in his will (1633) of "my cosen George Ryves of Randleston," that is, George Ryves ( 1588-1666), his first cousin once removed.

His will is as follows:
P. C. C. i Sadler.
Dated 8 August 1633.
Proved 30 Jan. 1634/5.

I, Richard Ryves of the Borough of Shaston, co. Dorsett, Gentleman . . . bequeath my soule into the hands of allmightie God who first breathed it into mee in full assurance of the free pardon and remission of all my sinnes in and through the all sufficient sacrifice and satisfaction of my blessed Lord and onely Savyour Christ Jesus who hath dyed for mee that through faith I might live in him with full assurance that I shall rise agayne att the last day one of God's chosen and Elect which God grant for the same Jesus Christ his sake. . . . That the temporal estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless mee may peaceably and without emulation bee enjoyed by those whoe shall succeed mee in the use thereof I . . . give for the reparations of the bodie of the parish church of St. Peter's within the Burrough of Shaston £5. . . . I give unto the Preacher who shall preach at my funerall 20 s. I bequeath unto Richard Rives my sonne all my lands not hereby disposed of I give unto Dorothie Rives my now wife an annuity of £40 to be paid in the south porch of the parish church of the Holy Trinity within the Borough of Shaston. I give her the bedstead with all the furniture thereof wherein she doth now most usually lye with two payre of sheetes such as are usuall for her bed. I will that she shall have some of my pewter brasse and household stuffe to the value of £10. ... I give unto my younger sonne John Rives £600 at the age of 24. ... I give unto my eldest daughter Anne Rives £300 and unto my third daughter Dorothie Rives £300 at theire full age of 24 or at marriage with the consent of the overseers of this my will. Any daughter marrying without the consent of my overseers shall lose all ther legacies except £20. ... I give unto my brother Benjamyn Rives £5 which I hereto fore lent unto him. I give to my brother Joseph Rives £50 which 14 yeeres since I lent unto him to bee employed with him in trade. I give unto my brother Brune Rives all such sommes of money as I have heretofore lent unto him. Residue to my eldest sonne Richard Rives. I will that my overseers during the apprenticeship of my said eldest sonne shall employ the profits of my said landes and so fourth for his benefit until he shall reach the age of 24 unless they shall think fitt to let him have some part thereof to employ in the trade of merchandizing. I doe intreate my welbeloved freindes William Whitaker of Shaston Esquire, my cosen George Rives of Randleston, my cosen John Pussell of Blanford and my brother Bruen Rives of London to be my overseers and I give unto every of them 40 s. to bee bestowed on a ring for each of them.

He was a man of influence and prominence, holding the office of Mayor of Shaftesbury, as shown by the register of the parish of St. Peter, recording his burial, viz: "1634. Mr. Richard Ryves, Mayor, was buried 9 December."
Le Neve's Pedigrees of the Knights states that he was a linen draper, and makes note of his marriage to Dorothy, daughter of William Gold, of Alston Wylts. This is given confirmation by his will which mentions "Dorothye my now wife."


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