TRP First Steps - Part 1 - Real Name


Welcome to The Reeves Project.

Now that you've got your account validated, its time to start getting to grips with the ins and outs of TRP and its Wiki based global genealogical collaboration. This is one of a series of pages, each of which will guide you though a single activity, to help you become more proficient in using TRP. If you already have experience with wiki software, we ask that you still complete the first four steps in this series. To see a list of the first six parts in our First Steps guide, click here.

In this step 1, you are going to set your "Real Name". You were encouraged to do this as part of validating your account and we consider it so important that we make no apology for repeating it here. If you've already set a Real Name, these same notes will also assist you to change it. You may find it helpful to print this page so you can refer to these notes as you continue to work along.

Your Real Name

Why do I need a Real Name?

There are two primary reason why creating a Real Name is so strongly recommended.
  • It's partly for your own protection, since the Tiki software we use exposes the names of users contributing to each page to any viewing user. If you have a Real Name set, it uses that; if you haven't it will use your e-mail address and be it on your own head if you suddenly start to get more unwanted spam e-mail.   Following our upgrade in spring 2018, we introduced Membership IDs as the primary designation for your TRP account, in place of e-mail addresses. However, whilst convenient, they aren't very meaningful, so setting a Real Name is still encouraged.
  • Picking a meaningful Real Name will also help your Mentors and other community members identify with you. Please don't think of it as a CB type handle, that not the type of alias we're looking for!

What's a Real Name?

We ask that your Real Name is, as a minimum, your preferred given name perhaps combined with the initial of your family name or some other distinguishing letter/numbers.

If you haven't yet entered a "Real Name" for yourself, you should do it now.

Entering your Real Name

On the horizontal navigation tab bar, below the site mast head which contains the TRP Logo, you'll see the "My Account" tab. If you don't see the navigation tab bar, you may need to log in to TRP!

From the MyTiki My Account tab drop down list, click on Preferences. This will bring up the "User Preferences" screen.

If you are in the "tabbed" view, make sure you click on the Personal Information tab. Please enter your given chosen name as noted above in the "Real Name" box. Please also pick your country of residence from the drop down list.

Remember to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page, you may need to scroll to find it.

Having set your Real Name, please log-out of TRP and then back in before doing anything else. Your Real Name only becomes active once you log back in. Because of the way the system caches information, your Real Name may not immediately replace your e-mail address user name/ membershipID on your screen as the "Logged in as" user. Providing you remembered to click "Save Changes" it will have been set. Logging out and then back in may expedite the change, or if the cache was only recently flushed by the system, it may take a little longer.

Next Steps

In the next part we'll help you to create your First Wiki Page - an About Me page

And Finally

Don't worry about making mistakes as your mentors will help you to straighten things out. It's all about learning and experimenting at this stage; mistakes are expected - we made enough of them when we were starting out (and still do).

That's all for this time,

The TRP Mentors