Halifax County, Virginia

Halifax Co., VA

Halifax Co., VA


Halifax was formed in 1752, from Lunenburg and extended from the Staunton River westward to the Blue Ridge. It was named for the Second Earl of Halifax, George Montague Dunk. Dunk was president of the Board of Trade from 1748 to 1761. The modern counties of Pittsylvania, Franklin, Henry, and Patrick were carved from Halifax County's original boundaries. Pittsylvania was the first, formed in 1766 from the western two-thirds of Halifax.

Early settlement of Halifax County came primarily from two directions. Germans and Scotch-Irish migrated from the northwest from Pennsylvania, while English settlers came from Virginia's Tidewater Region to the east. Settlement of Halifax County was interrupted by the French and Indian War, declared two years after the county was formed. Although all organized fighting took place north of Maryland, French-allied Indians attacked British frontier settlements from Maine to Georgia. Halifax County's population growth stagnated between 1752 and the early 1760s.
Source: History of Halifax County

Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Halifax is bordered by Campbell County on the northwest, Charlotte County on the northeast, Mecklenburg County to the east, Pittsylvania County to the west, along with the North Carolina counties of Granville on the southeast, Person to the south and Caswell on the southwest.

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