John Reeves Bible

John Reeves Family Bible

John Reeves Bible


This Bible was published in 1767 in London. Owner, as of Jun 1924, was Edward C. Reeves, Southampton, N. Y.


John Reeves born Dec. 15, 1738.
Mary Culver, wife, born June 14, 1741.

John Reeves Jun., born Dec. 6, 1765.
Thomas Reeves, born Nov. 5, 1768.
Jesse Reeves born Sept. 6, 1771.
Edward Reeves born July 19, 1773.
Gabriel Reeves born Aug. 29, 1777.
William Reeves born Apr. 19, 1782.

First in Southampton from Wales to New London 1660.

Thomas Reeves b about 1667
Rebecca Davis, his wife
His son
John Reeves born July 17, 1673
        died Aug. 13, 1753
Rachel, his wife, born 1675
        died Aug. 24, 1751
John Reeves, Jun.
Mary Culver, his wife.
Edward Reeves
Lucretia Wick, his wife
Henry Reeves
Emily Cook, his wife.


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