1697 Will - Richard Reeve


1697 Will - Richard Reeve


Dated: 11 Nov 1697, Willingdale Spaine, Essex
Probated: Archdeaconry of Middlesex (Essex and Hertfordshire Jurisdiction), 6 Jan 1704/5


In the name of God Amen I Richard Reeve of Willingale Spaine in the County of Essex Jobber being of perfect helth and Memory praised be God for the same and knowing the uncertainety of this Life here on Earth and bing desirouse to settle things on order before my departure doe make and ordeine this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following first and above All I give and bequeath my soule into the hands of God Allmighty my Creator and Jesus Christ my Redeemer hopeing that through the Mercies of the one and the Merrits of the other to Reaceive free pardon and Remision for all my sinns and be saved and my Body to the Earth from whence it was taken to be Buried in a Desent Christian like manner at the discretion of my executor here after mentioned and as touching such worly Goods as the Lord in mercy hath sent me my will and meaning is they should be imployed and Bestowed as further by this my Last Will and Testament is expressed and doe have by make void all former wills & Testamtt by me made and doe make this to be my Last Will & Testament. Imprimis my will is that all ye debts and duties that I in wright or conscience I owe to any manner of person shall in some convenient time sone after my decease be sattisfied and paid by my executore here after mentioned
Item I doe give and bequeath unto Matthew Reeve my Brother one shiling of good and lawfull moey of England to be paid him by my executor here after mentioned with in twelve moneths next after my decease
Item I doe give and Bequeath unto Mary Peagrim ye wife of John Peagrim my sister one shiling of good and lawfull money of England to be paid her by my executor hereafter mentioned with in twelve moneths next after my decease
All the rest of my Bills Bonds Debts monies owing house cowes hoggs sheep corne hay houshold stuff and all manner of Good and Chattelles whatsoever I doe Give and Bequeath unto Richard Bates my Granson upon condition he shall pay all my debts legicies and discharge my funerall duties and doe constitute make nominate and appoint the said Richard Bates my Granson soll executor of this my Last Will and Testament in witness whereof I sett to my hand and seal this eleventh day of November 1697
the marke of
Richad + Reeve

Sealled and declared
published & declared
in ye presence of us
John Isaacson
Thomas Roberts Senior
Thomas Roberts? Junior


The Essex Archives incorrectly lists the probate date as 6 June 1704/5. The actual record states 6th Janry 1704/5.


Essex Archives - D/AMW 11/115