1763 Apprenticeship - Thomas Reeves to John Forman

1763 Apprenticeship - Thomas Reeves to John Forman

1763 Apprenticeship - Thomas Reeves to John Forman

Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Will Book D, pg. 70
1 Aug 1763


THIS INDENTURE made the 1ST Day of August in the year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and sixty three WITNESSETH That Thomas Reeves hath of his own free and voluntarily will placed and bound himself apprentice to John Forman of Spotsylvania County Breeches Maker to be taught in the said Trade science or occupation of a Breeches Maker which the said John Forman now useth and with him as an apprentice to & dwell continue and Serve from the day of the date hereof until he shall arrive to the age of Twenty one years from thence next Ensuring and fully complete and ended During all which said Term of years the said apprentice his said Master will and faithfully shall serve his secrets to keep his lawfull commands every where gladly trust to his said Master he Shall not do nor willingly suffer it to be done by others, but the same to his utmost of his power shall let or fourthwith (sic) Give notice Thereof to his said Master the goods of his sd. Master he shall not embezil or make or lend them without his consent to any Cards Dice or any unlawfull games he shall not play Taverns or Ale Houses he shall not haunt or frequent Matrimony he shall not contract from the service of his sd. Master he shall not at any time Depart or absent himself without his said Masters Leave, but in all things as a good and faithful apprentice Shall and will Demean and behave himself towards his sd. Master and all his During the sd. Term, And the said Master his said apprentice the sd. Trade science or occupation of a Breeches Maker which he now useth with all things thereto belonging and will teach and instruct or otherwise cause to be well and sufficiently taught and instructed after the best way or Manner than he can and Shall and will also find and allow the sd. Apprentice Meat Drink Washing lodging and Apparell both Linen & woolen and all other necessaries in sickness and in health most Convenient for such an apprentice during the sd. Term aforesaid and will cause the sd. Thomas Reeves to be taught to read and write In Witness whereof the Parties to these Indentures have Interchangeably Set their hands & Seals the 1st Day of August 1763
Signed Sealed & Delivered                                                      Thomas Reeves (Seal)
In Presence of           }                                                                John Forman (Seal)
George Hiddens       }

At a Court held for Spotsylvania County on Monday August the first 1763
This Indenture of Apprenticeship between Thomas Reeves and John Forman to be approved of by the Court acknowledged by the Parties and recorded.
                                              Teste             John Waller CSC


This Thomas Reeves appears to be the child of Henry Reeves son of Thomas Reeves, Sr. Administration of Henry Reeves estate was granted to his brother Thomas Reeves, Jr. in 1760.


Spotsylvania County Will Book D, pg. 70, online scanned images at Family Search

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