Reeves, Thomas Jr. (c1735 VA - c1799 KY)

Thomas Reeves, Jr.

Reeves, Thomas, Jr.


Father: Thomas Reeves, Sr.
Mother: Unknown

Birth: c1735, probably, Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Birth Source: Legatee in will of George Reeves, brother of Thomas Reeves, Sr.

Death: before Feb 1799, Woodford County, Kentucky
Death Source: Will Book B p. 83-86 Appraisal of Estate of Thomas Reeves

Spouse1: Sarah Attwood


Children of Thomas Reeves, Jr. and Sarah Attwood:
  1. James Reeves
  2. Elizabeth Reeves
  3. Milley Reeves, m. David Wilson on 6 Oct 1794
  4. Delilah Reeves, m. John Simonus on 5 Sep 1800
  5. Mary Reeves, m. George Cotter
  6. Joseph Reeves, m. Lucy Aynes on 28 Aug. 1801
  7. Thomas Reeves
Thomas Reeves and his wife Sarah sold 350 acres on which he lived in St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania County to James Hunter of King George County, being part of a larger tract formerly granted John Bowsey which after his death was granted to Augustin Smith by patent, October 22, 1712. The first sale being 200 acres conveyed by said Smith to Henry Reeves by deeds in Essex County, September 9, 1714. The second tract conveyed by Peter Byrom to Henry Reeves, the Elder, by deeds in Essex County, May 19, 1791. The third tract conveyed by Thomas Mith To George Reeves, by deed in Spotsylvania County, October 2, 1739, now by several conveyances legally vested in the said Thomas Reeves, Spotsylvania County, December 8, 1767.

Brewer Reeves is named in Augusta County court records as Thomas' brother; however, the will of his uncle George Reeves in Spotsylvania County names several brothers and children of Thomas Reeves, Sr. but not Brewer. Brewer's brother was definitely Thomas Reeves, Jr. for he gave a deposition in the case of Herndon vs. Thomas Reeves for slaves mortgaged to Herndon by Thomas Reeves in Spotsylvania then removed to Augusta where he sold them. The deposition of Brewer Reeves in that case also mentions Thomas Reeves' wife Sarah.

Thomas Reeves, late of Augusta County, sold (mortgaged) slaves to John Herndon of Spotsylvania County, Spotsylvania County, July 5, 1768.

Thomas Reeves and Sarah, his wife, of Frederick County sold lot 127 in the town of Fredericksburg to James Cunningham of Spotsylvania County, August 1, 1768.

Thomas Reeves purchased two tracts in Augusta County containing 679 total - A containing 375 acres; B containing 304 acres on northwest side of Long Meadow. Witnessed by Brewer Reeves, Augusta County, October 17, 1769.

Rockingham County survey for Thomas Reeves, 300 acres, Long Meadows, adjoining Brewer Reeves and Michael Holsinger, April 11, 1780.

From the Augusta County court records of November 1780 - John Herndon, of Spottsylvania, vs. Thomas Reeves (lately of Spottsylvania).--Chancery writ, 1st September, 1770. In July, 1768, defendant mortgaged negroes to plaintiff and then brought the slaves to Augusta and sold one to Robert Reid and one to James Crawford, also defendant's bill to enforce mortgage. Answers says the negroes were sold under execution in Rockingham and bought by defendants, Reid and Crawford. No service on Reid.

A Thomas Reeves was still living in the area of Spotsylvania County on February 28, 1791 when he witnessed the will of Bland Ballard Sr. but it is unknown whether it is this individual or a family member. A nephew, Thomas, son of his deceased brother Henry Reeves, was recorded in Spotsylvania in 1768 as a 15 year old apprentice breeches maker, but it is unknown whether he remained there.

Kentucky Land Grants, 1782-1924, record a survey for 225 acres of land for Thomas Reeves in Woodford County, Kentucky on 8 Nov 1792.

Both Thomas Reeves and his son James appear on the 1792 tax list of Woodford County, Kentucky. Thomas appears on each subsequent year's list with increasingly more property. By the 1794 tax list Thomas had added large tracks in neighboring counties, Shelby and Jefferson. In 1795, his brother Brewer was also listed along with Thomas Reeves on the Woodford County tax list. The 1796 list does not include Brewer who appears to have moved on to Christian County where he was one of the earliest settlers and first justices of the court. In 1796 Thomas' sons James and Thomas Jr. are also listed along with a John Reeves who may be Thomas' nephew, the son of his brother John of Augusta County, Virginia. John Reeves, Jr. is said to have died before 1819, yet there are other accounts of his removal from Virginia to Kentucky.

By February 1799, the Appraisal of the Estate of Thomas Reeves is recorded in Woodford County in Will Book B, pgs. 83-86. That appraisal lists among Thomas Reeves' assets a bond valued at $90 from Thomas Dunkerson who was closely associated with the Reeves' family in Augusta, Virginia.

In both 1799 and 1800, Thomas' widow Sarah Reeves is listed as head of household on the tax lists of Woodford County.

Research Notes

For many years Sarah, the wife of Thomas Reeves, Jr. was mistakenly believed to be the wife of his father, however, Sarah as the wife of Thomas Reeves does not appear in the records of Spotsylvania County until after the death of Thomas Reeves, Sr. in 1760. Recent research of the deed records of Essex County has produced a deed by Thomas Reeves and Sarah his wife which identify her as Thomas' cousin, the daughter of Ann Reeves and Francis Attwood.


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