1786 Will - Arthur Reeves

1786 Will - Arthur Reeves

1786 Will - Arthur Reeves


Gloucester County, New Jersey
Will Records 1556H
8 Apr 1786


In the Name of God Amen I Arthur Reeves of Debtford Township in the County of Gloucester & Western Division of New Jersey yeoman being weak in body but of sound mind & memory Blessed be God for the same I do this Eighth Day of April Annq One Thousand seven hundred and eighty six make this my Last Will and Testament hopeing through the Merrits Death & suffering of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to receive forgiveness for all my sins, and, as touching my worldly estate that God hath blessed me with in this life I order them to be Disposed as follows Viz.
Item I order my Funeral charges to be paid & just debts to be fully paid and satisfyd
Item I Give to my beloved wife the lower end of my land Bounds as follows Begining at a popplar on the south side of the Branch which is the lower corner of the land; from thence running up the Bounds of James Hinchman land to the second Branch above the Road, from thence a straight course to the great road against Biddle Reeves house from thence along the bounds of Biddle Reeves and Joseph Cowgill land to a stump a corner to Joshua Lords & Thomas Reeves land from thence to the place of Begining be the same more or less But it is to be observed that she is to have it no longer than she remains my widdow, ad in lue of her dower, but after her death or marriage it is to be sold and equally divided between my sons & Daughters, But if any should Die without heirs it is to be equally divided amongst the survivers
Item I Give to my wife one bed and furniture her own choice one case of drawers two pots & team kittle tea table and all the tea tackling a half a dozen chares and one cow her own choice likewise all my provision and ten bushels of rie?
Item I leave the remaining part of my estate both real & personal to be sold & equally divided between my sons & daughters But if any of my children should die without heirs their shares to be equally divided amongst the survivers
Item I leave my fur sons Arthur Mark Aaron & William to be Bound out to trade at the discression of my executors.
Item Lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my trusty & well beloved Brothers Joseph Reeves & Thomas Reeves to be the executors to this my Last Will nad Testament
Sined Sealed Published Pronounced By Arthur Reeves as his last Will and TestamentArther Reeves
In the presents of just witness
Jos Cowgill
George Elkins
Biddle Reves

Joseph Cowgill and Biddle Reeves two of the Witnesses to the within will being duly affirmed according to law did depose & say That they saw Arthur Reeves the Testator therein named, sign & seal the same & heard him publish pronounce & declare the within writing to be his last will & Testament; & that at the doing thereof the said Testator was of sound & disposing mind & memory, as far as these affirmants know & as they verily believe; & that the several interlineations in the within testament were made in the presence of the testator & by him acknowledged to be right; & that George Elkines the other subscribing evidence was present at the same time & signed his name as a witness to the said will together with these affirmants in the presence of the said testator
Affirmed the 2nd day of May }Biddle Reves
Anno Domini 1786 }Jos Cowgill
Before me Jos Hugg Surrog

Joseph Reeves & Thomas Reeves the executors in the within testament named, being duly affirmed according to law severally did declare & say that the within instrument contains the true last will & testament of Arthur Reeves the testator therein named so far as they know & as they verily believe that they will well & truly perform the same, by paying first the debts of the said deceased & then the legacies in the said Testament specified, so far as the Goods, Chattles, & Credits of the said deceased can thereunto extend & that they will make & exhibit into the prerogative office at Burlington a true & perfect inventory of all & singular the Goods Chattles & credits of the said deceased that have or shall come to their knowledge or possession or to the possession of any other person or persons for their use, & under a just & true account when thereunto lawfully required
Joseph Reeves
Thomas Reevs

Affirmed the 2d day of May }
Anno Domini 1786 }
Before me Jo Hugg Surrogate


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