1812 Deed - Frederick Rives to Patsey Lumsden et al

1812 Deed - Frederick Rives to Patsey Lumsden et al

1812 Deed - Frederick Rives to Patsey Lumsden et al


Franklin County, Virginia
Deed Book 7, p95
13 Apr 1812


This Indenture made this 13th day of April 1812 Between Frederick Rives of Franklin County & State of Virginia of the one part, and Patsey Lumsden, Phebe Still, Sally Brown, Elizabeth Quarles, Lucy Cowden, Mary Bottom formerly Patsey Rives Phebe Rives, Sally Rives, Elizabeth Rives Lucy Rives & Mary Rives of the other part, Witnesseth for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I bear to my beloved Daughters before mentioned as also for the further sum of one Dollar to me in hand paid by the said paid by the said Patsey, Phebe, Sally, Elizabeth, Lucy & Mary at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have given & granted and by these presents doth give grant & convey unto them the said Patsey, Phebe Sally Elizabeth Lucy & Mary for ever one certain tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the County of Franklin aforesaid on Pig River and its branches containing by estimation five hundred acres (let the same be more or less) Beginning at Pig River at the mouth of a Branch opposite the Plantation of Burwell Rives and with the line of Joseph Rives land and up the said Branch with Jos Rives line to the head cornerning on a white oak thence with Joseph Rives line to the limestone Road cornering on a post oak the south side of the Road, thence down the limestone Road to Lewis Hancock's line, thence south to Brown's line cornering on a chesnut tree, thence west course with Brown's line to the old dividing order line, to a corner post oak, with Brown's line south along the dividing order line to a branch to a corner white oak, thence down the branch as it meanders to a corner maple, thence a northard course to the head of the second hollow below the waggon Road crossing place on Pig River to Robert Prunty's and down the said hollow to the River and down Pig River to the Beginning To have and to hold the said land & premises with all & singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining at my Death, and I Frederick Rives Do hereby reserve the said land & premises for my own use during my natural life, not permiting any of the within named Daughters to have any priviledge on or with the same till my death and I Frederick Rive do hereby covenant agree to and with the said Patsey Lumsden, Phebe Still, Sally Brown, Elizabeth Quarles, Lucy Cowden & Mary Bottom, to warrant & defend the Right & Title of the said land & premises to them & their heirs forever to take possession of the same at my Death & not before. In testimony whereof I Frederick Rives have hereunto sett my hand & seal the day & year first written.
Signed & acknowledged as his act }Frederick Rives (Seal)
& Deed in the presence of }
Joel Shrewsbury
Robert N. Dickinson
Richard Dale
Jesse Prunty

At a Court held for Franklin County June 1st 1812
This Deed of Gift from Frederick Rives to Patsey Lumsden, Phebe Still Sally Brown, Elizabeth Quarles, Lucy Cowden, & Mary Bottom, was proved by the oath of Joel Shrewsbury a witness hereto. And at a court held for said County May 2d 1814.
The said Deed was further proved by the oath of Robert N. Dickinson and Jesse Prunty, two other Witnesses hereto, and ordered to be recorded.
Teste, Caleb Tate, C F C


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