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James A. Blackman Family Bible

James A. Blackmon Family Bible

James A. Blackmon was the son of Britton and Anna Reeves Blackmon. The Bible is owned by Mrs. Jack Biggart, a descendant of the former Della Marshall, Lancaster County, South Carolina.

Anna Blackmon, my mother, deceased March 29, 1846
Britton Blackmon, my father, deceased August 27, 1864
Elizabeth Williams, my sister, deceased January 15, 1836
Eleanor Horton, my sister, deceased January 15, 1856
Parthena A. Blackmon, my sister, deceased May 23, 1862
Sister Jane (June?) deceased Oct. 16, 1872
B. S. (J?) Blackmon deceased Nov. 7, 1849
E. H. Blackmon died Feb. 10 1876
Jas. R. Blackmon died April 18, 1876
Jas. R. Marshall died Jan 2nd 1876
James Reeves deceased Jan 29th 1844
Bethenia Reeves deceased May 21st 1884
James W. Couch died Nov. 5th 1885
E. Floyd deceased May 21, 1889
M. C. Ingram deceased July 17th 1895
A. E. Marshall deceased Oct. 11, 1909
Amadine Marshall died July 19th 1901
Sara Marshall Smith departed June 6th 1922
L. A. Grigsby was born July 1844 died Dec. 25, 1892
S. E. Floyd deceased May 21, 1889

James A. Blackmon was born October 17th 1820
Malissa Caroline Blackmon was born Nov. 15th 1827
Perthena A. Blackmon was born Dec 10th, 1846
Henrietta E. Blackmon was born May 6th 1848
William A. Marshall born Oct. 20th, 1845
James S. Marshall born Feb. 22, 1872
J. R. Marshall born Jan. 30th, 1874
R. F. Marshall born Feb. 17th, 1877

James A. Blackmon and M. C. Reeves was married Dec. 11, 1844
W. A. Marshall and H. E. Blackmon was married Jan. 20th, 1867
Silas Ingram & M. C. Blackmon was married Oct. 2nd, 1878
John A Blackmon and Sarah Reeves married Dec. 5th 1843
B. F. Couch and P. E. Marshall was married May 5th 1886
J. S. Marshall and M. A. McManus was married July 23rd 1899

Children of John A. Blackmon
Henrietta Jane Blackmon was born Oct 3rd 1844
William Silvester (Blackmon) was born Sept. 12 1846
Elizabeth Ann was born Oct. 31st, 1848
James Lattimore was born Sept. 30 1850
Andrew Judson was born Aug. 4, 1852

Also included in the bible record was the following notation:
J. R. Faulkenbury was killed on battlefield near Richmond May 12, 1864, he was a good soldier. I hope God took his wearier spirit to him self where war will interupt him no more. His children is left to morn his loss. M. C. Faulkenberry
(Bible owned by Furman Faulkenberry, his great grandson).


Record contributed to Genforum by:
Gene Blackman of Jacksonville, Florida
Faulkenberry note by Laura Backmaster

A handwritten transcription is also contained in the Blackmon Folder of the Perry Belle Bennett Hough Collection in the Lancaster County Library, Lancaster, SC. This transcription may have originally been in the Viola Caston Floyd Collection.