Reeves, Anna (c1784 SC - 1846 SC)


Reeves, Anna


Father: Unknown, but probably John Reeves

Birth: c. 1784-c. 1790, Lancaster Co., SC
Birth Source: Viola Caston Floyd Papers and Census

Death: 29 March 1846, Lancaster Co., SC
Death Source: James A. Blackmon Family Bible and Viola Caston Floyd Papers

Spouse1: Britton Blackmon, c. 1808, Lancaster Co., SC


Anna Reeves and Britton Blackmon are believed to have been the parents of several children:
  1. Joseph R. Blackmon, born c. 1807, died c. 1875. Joseph was Brittain's administrator, but after his death, James A. Blackmon finished settling his father's estate.
  2. Elizabeth Blackmon, born after 1810, died 1836.
  3. Joel D. Blackmon, born 12 December 1812, died 10 April 1889, married Mary E. Taylor.
  4. Mary Eleanor Blackmon, born c. 1814, died c. 1856, married Sanford Horton.
  5. John A Blackmon, b. 8 June 1818, married Sarah Reeves
  6. William Blackmon, born c. 1819, died c. 1880.
  7. James A. Blackmon, born c. 1820, died c. 1876, married Malissa Caroline Reeves, daughter of James Reeves.
  8. Eliza Jane Blackmon, born c. 1822, died c. 1872, married John David.
  9. Margaret Caroline Blackmon, born c. 1828, died 1894.

1810 Lancaster Co., SC, Census:
Brittain Blackman
1 male 0-10, 1 male 26-45
1 female 16-26
Neighbors included Joseph Hale, Dudley Hale, Benjamin Stogner, and Bedford Garris.

1820 Lancaster Co., SC, Census:
Britten Blackmon 2 males 0-10 3 females 0-10
1 male 10-16 1 female 26-45
1 male 45+

1830 Lancaster Co., SC, Census, p. 84:
Britton Blackmon 1 male 5-10 1 female 0-5
1 male 10-15 1 female 10-15
1 male 15-20 2 females 15-20
1 male 20-30 1 female 40-50
1 male 50-60
This Britton Blackmon, apparently the husband of Anna Reeves, was shown adjacent Benjamin Stogner and Hardy Hail (former neighbors William Reeves) and David and Uriah Williams (husband and son of Elizabeth Reeves. Several other members of the Blackmon family appeared nearby. Another Britton Blackmon was also shown in Lancaster County in the same area, enumerated on page 81:
Britton Blackmon 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 1 male 60-70
2 females 0-5, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40
This appears to be the older Britton Blackmon. Others enumerated on the same page included Lewis Blackmon, John Blackmon, Sr., John Reeves, Daniel Blackmon, Elisha Reeves, Dudley Hail and Joseph Hail (neighbors and associates of William Reeves), Ellison Blackmon, James Blackmon, Elisha Blackmon, Ezekiah Blackmon, and Joel Blackmon.

1840 Lancaster Co., SC, Census:

Brittain Blackman, Sr. 1 male 15-20 1 female 10-15
1 male 20-30 1 female 15-20
1 male 60-70 1 female 30-40
1 female 40-50

Joel D. Blackman 2 males 0-5 1 female 20-30
1 male 5-10
3 males 20-30
Brittain and Joel were in adjacent households.

1850 Lancaster Co., SC, Census:
Britton Blackmon 70 SC

1860 Lancaster Co., SC, Census:
Britton Blackmon 85 SC
Newton Horton 12 SC

22 November 1864: Joseph R Blackmon vs Joel D Blackmon, James A Blackman, and others. Application for sale of Real Estate of Britton Blackmon deceased. John A Blackmon, one of the defendants resides without this State.

Brittain Blackmon Probate File, Lancaster Co., SC. Note that many estate records for Brittain Blackmon were generated after the 1865 Courthouse fire. These records document James A. and Joseph R. Blackmon as sons of Brittain Blackmon. They mention Amos Blackmon but do not establish his paternity. No list of heirs was included in the loose probate package.

Research Notes

Anna Reeves Blackmon, John Reeves, James Reeves, and Elizabeth Reeves Williams were known by descendants to be close relatives. It is believed that they were all descendants of the brothers John Reeves and Moses Reeves, who had settled in Camden District, South Carolina, by about 1777. The exact relationships between these individuals are difficult to determine. Viola Caston Floyd speculated that they were all siblings, but the fact that James Reeves married a daughter of Elizabeth Reeves Williams makes that very unlikely. Elizabeth could be a daughter of Moses Reeves and the others children of John Reeves. It is also possible that Elizabeth Reeves Williams was a daughter of John Reeves and that James Reeves was her nephew. Further research is necessary to determine these family relationships.

Note that ties among these families were very complex. In addition to the marriage of James Reeves to Elizabeth Reeves Williams's daughter Bethenia, Anna Reeves married Britton Blackmon, and their son John A. Blackmon (1818-1880) married a daughter of John Reeves. Britton Blackmon is believed by Blackmon researchers to have been a brother of Elizabeth Blackmon who married John Reeves, son of James Reeves. In addition, Nathan Blackmon, another Blackmon relative, married a sister of Betsy Garris, the first wife of James Reeves.

Blackmon researchers indicate that Britton Blackmon was a son of Daniel Blackmon, who was enumerated two lines from Elisha Reeves in the 1790 Lancaster County census.

Blackmon researchers indicate that John Reeves married Elizabeth Blackmon, sister of Britton Blackmon who married Anna Reeves. Lancaster Co., SC, deeds do confirm a connection between John Reeves and the Blackmon family. On 9 January 1844, John Reeves and Britton Blackmon, both of Lancaster County, in consideration of $116.66, conveyed to Jefferson Belk their interest in 275 acres on Bear Creek and Flat Creek in Lancaster County. John's interest is described as "one half of the third and one sixth of the remainder" while Britton Blackmon's interest is described as "one sixth." John (X) Reeves and Britton Blackmon signed the deed; James J. Blackmon and Benjamin Stogner witnessed. On 8 February 1840, Britton Blackmon of Lancaster Co., SC, received a power of attorney from Joel Blackmon of Harris Co., GA, to convey land "known as the estate of Daniel Blackmon, deceased." Green Ellis, J.P., witnessed the transaction. (Lancaster Co., SC, DB Q, p. 354.) Joel Blackmon then conveyed this tract by his attorney Britton Blackmon to Jefferson Belk. The land was described as "Joel Blackmon's interest in a certain tract of land containing 275 acres on Bear Creek." (Lancaster Co., SC, Deed Book Q, pp. 354-355.) Together, these three deeds seem to link John Reeves, Britton Blackmon, and Joel Blackmon as heirs of Daniel Blackmon, deceased.


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