Reeves, John (c1805 SC - 1897 GA)

Reeves, John

Reeves, John


Father: James Reeves
Mother: Betsy Garris

Birth: c1805, Rich Hill, Lancaster County, South Carolina
Birth Source: Census and Will of James Reeves, Sr.

Death: 16 Feb 1897, Haralson County, Georgia
Death Source: Probate Court Petitions

Spouse1: Elizabeth Blackmon
Spouse2: Mrs. Sarah B. Morris, widow of William Hannah Morris, m. c1860


Children of John Reeves and Elizabeth Blackmon:
  1. C. Reeves, b. c1833
  2. William J. Reeves, b. 17 Sep 1838
  3. James Washington Reeves, b. 15 Nov 1839
  4. Mernerva Reeves, b. 1840
  5. D. Reeves, b. 1843
  6. Johnny Reeves, b. 1848
  7. Mary Francis Reeves, b. 9 Mar 1854

Blackmon researchers indicate that John Reeves married Elizabeth Blackmon, sister of Britton Blackmon who married Anna Reeves. According to a letter in the Viola Caston Floyd Collection, loose Lancaster County records indicated that Daniel Blackmon had died by 22 February 1826. A Jonathan Blackmon was brought to trial for trespassing property owned by the heirs of Daniel Blackmon. The heirs were named: Britton Blackmon, Joel Blackmon, Jr., James Blackmon, Jr., John Reeves, Herbird Blackmon, John Langley and Sarah (Blackmon) his wife. Lancaster Co., SC, deeds do confirm a connection between John Reeves and the Blackmon family. On 9 January 1844, John Reeves and Britton Blackmon, both of Lancaster County, in consideration of $116.66, conveyed to Jefferson Belk their interest in 275 acres on Bear Creek and Flat Creek in Lancaster County. John's interest is described as "one half of the third and one sixth of the remainder" while Britton Blackmon's interest is described as "one sixth." John (X) Reeves and Britton Blackmon signed the deed; James J. Blackmon and Benjamin Stogner witnessed. Several additional land transactions, which seem to establish John Reeves, Britton Blackmon, and Joel Blackmon (then of Harris Co., GA) as heirs of Daniel Blackmon are discussed under Anna Reeves Blackmon and her husband Britton Blackmon. An additional deed, dated 13 February 1837, shows John Reeves, Britton Blackmon, and Joel Blackmon of Lancaster District, SC, selling for $20.00 paid by John Taylor "their interest in 40 acres surveyed for John Blackmon, Sr., and Daniel Blackmon...on a branch of Bear Creek at the head of said branch...adjacent James Reeves's land, Benjamin Stogner, and Britton Blackmon. James Baskin and Elisha Garris witnessed the deed.

The following advertisement was run in the Weekly Raleigh Registeron 7 July 1831, and suggests John was in Georgia for a period before his eventual move down there around 1852. It states that John had a living in Georgia at the time. The age given for John is incorrect. However, it may be that the age of the runaway male and John were accidentally switched, as 25 years fits John's age.
Twenty Dollars Reward.
Runaway from the Subscriber on Saturday evening last, three Negroes, one fellow and two wenches - the fellow is about 25 years of age, stout and well made, very active and intelligent, he is about five feet eight inches high, he goes by the name of Fed or Frederick; one of the wenches is about nineteen years of age, very black and well made - the other about seventeen years of age, a little light complected, the first described negro named Poll the other Dolly, all three of these negroes are very likely - I am induced to believe that the said negroes have been taken off by my son John Reeves, and that it is probably he will make his way to Georgia where he has a living - my son is about 18 or 19 years of age, small stature and a little down look when spoken to; he was dressed in a dark homespun jean coat, a pair of copperass colored pantaloons and broad brim black hat. - Any person who will take up the said negroes and lodge them in Jail so that I can get them, shall receive the above reward, or for any of them in proportion.
Lancaster District, S. C.      }  33 3w
June 6th 1831                        }

On 18 January 1845, John Reeves of Lancaster District sold to Uriah Williams (who was identified by Viola Caston Floyd as a son of Elizabeth Reeves Williams) 125 acres on Little Lynches Creek. William Fortenberry and William Roberts witnessed the deed. Elizabeth (X) Reeves, wife of John, relinquished her dower on 22 April 1845. (Lancaster Co., SC, DB P, p. 101.)

Lancaster Ledger - April 28, 1852
Fatal Affray
On Saturday last, a fatal affray occurred at the mill of Mr. John Reaves, in the District. It appears that two young men by the name of Bowers, went to the mill, and while there, a difficulty took place between Reaves and Thomas Bowers, when Archibald Bowers, a brother present, dismounted from his horse and threw a stick, or a piece of sawed timber at Reaves — when Reaves got in possession of the same, and beat A. Bowers so that he died in about six hours. Reaves has since surrendered himself to the proper authorities, and is now in close confinement. — There being no animosity existing between Reaves and the deceased previous to this affair, it is presumed to be the work of ungovernable passion.

This may be the reason he decided to move. The supposed date of his move to Georgia was 1852, the same year.

John's family was living in Buchanan, Haralson Co., GA, in 1870. His second wife, Sarah, was still living in 1910, when she was enumerated at age 79.


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