1852 Deed - George W. Reeve Heirs to William L. Jones

1852 Deed - George W. Reeve Heirs to William L. Jones

1852 Deed - George W. Reeve Heirs to William L. Jones


DeKalb County, Alabama
Deed Book D, p232
20 Jul 1852


The State of Alabama County of DeKalb
Know all men by these presents that we Ruth Reeve widow and James A. Reeve Andrew J. Reeve, William G. Reeve, and Sims Reeve children of George W Reeve Deceased, and Caroline Reeve, Reuben Reeve ? Slayton and Eliabeth Slayton his wife late Elizabeth Reeve, and Ebenezer Bowen and Polly his wife late Polly Reeve children of Cynthia Reeve and Reding Reeve & Grand children of said George W. Reeve and Elisha Brown and Ruth Brown his wife late Ruth Reeve and James Level, and Sarah his wife late Sarah Reeve children of Wiley Reeve, and grand children of said George W. Reeve for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred dollars to us severally paid by William L. Jones the acting Administrator of all and singular the goods and chattles rights and credits of said George W. Reeve deceased which sum of money ? paid over to and secured by us severally is part of the proceeds of the sales of the real estate of said George W. Reeve a portion of which was upon firm and valuable consideration at public sale purchased and wh proceeds accounted for by said William L. Jones to wit S? S.W. gr S9T9R7 E AE4?S7 & apart N E /4 S 17 all in T9 R7 East have remised released and forever quit claim and by these presents do remise release and forever quit claim unto the said William L. Jones his heirs and assigns all and in trust right title claim and demand in law or equity as heirs and distributees of the said estate of George W. Reeve in and to the above described land and such and every parcel thereof. And of and from all actions suits claims demands habititees proceedings and accounts damages, and injuries which have arrisen or which may arise from the said purchase of law William L. Jones while said acting adminsitrator of said land or any part thereof in witness whereof we have hereunto severally set our hands and seals this the 20 th day of July the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty two Signed sealed and delivered in presence of us
L. M. NicholsonRuth (her x mark) Reeve (Seal)
J. G. HanseJames A. Reeve (Seal)
Mary T. Reeve (Seal)
Andrew J. Reeve (Seal)
Margrett Reeve (Seal)
William G. Reeve (Seal)
Elizer Ann Reeve (Seal)
Simy O. Reeve (Seal)
James R. Lavell (Seal)
Sarah M. Lavell (Seal)
Ruth E. (her x mark) Brown (Seal)
Eliza Caroline (her mark) Reeve (Seal)
R. C. V. Reeve (Seal)
Mary C. Reeve (Seal)
Elizabeth (her x mark) Slayten (Seal)
Ebenezer (his x mark) Brown (seal)
Mary (her x mark) Brown (seal)

The State of Alabama }
DeKalb County }
I Reuben Estes Judge of the probate Court in and for the County and State aforesaid hereby certify that L. M. Nicholson a subscribing witness to the foregoing conveyance known to me appeared before me this day and being duly sworn states that Ruth Reeve James A Reeve Mary T Reeve Andrew J Reeve Margrett Reeve William G Reeve Eliza Ann Reeve Senny A Reeve James R Level Sarah M Lavel Ruth E Brown Eliza C Reeve R C V Reeve Mary C Reeve Elizabeth Slayton Ebenezer Brown & Mary Brown the proprieters in the conveyance voluntarily executed the same in his presence and in the presence of the other subscribing witness on the day the same bares date that he attested the same in the presence of the grantors & of the other witness & that such other witness subscribed his name as a witness in his presence Given under my hand this 12th day of February AD1853
R Estes JPC
L M Nicholson

The foregoing deed was filed and duly recorded the 12th day of February AD 1853
R Estes
Judge of Probate


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