Bedford Co., TN Will - Isham Reeves

1859 Will - Isham Reeves

Will of Isham Reeves

Bedford County, Tennessee
Will Book 1, Pages 1-2
30 April 1859


I, Isham Reeves do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void, all other wills by me at any time heretofore made.
Item 1st. I direct that all my just debts be paid by my executor, as soon after my death as possible, out of the money I may have on hand, or may first come into the hands of my Executor.
Item 2nd. I give and bequeath unto the children of Lucinda Cross, that may be living at the time of my death, and the representatives of such of them as may be dead, share and share alike, eight
Hundred Dollars, to be paid to them by my executors.
Item 3rd. I devise to my daughter Chany Newsom, thirty acres of my Newsom tract; adjoining the land of Mrs. Dunnawav. And the Drummond tract, and running North to the River, or the North boundary of the Newsom tract, for compliment, to her and her hiers forever.
Item 4 I devise to my Daughter Jane Arnold, the part of the Newsom tract, lying between the tract of forty acres, heretofore conveyed by me to my Son Robert by deed, and the tract of thirty acres
by me in this will devised to Cary Newsom, supposed to be about Thirty Acres.
Item 5 I devise to my Son Francis M Reeves the remainder of my home place, after the portion on the North and East side of the river is cut off, being all that part of the home place on the south and West side of the River, including the dwelling house, supposed to be about fifty or sixty acres.
Item 6 I own about twenty eight acres of Cedar land, which I bought of the Sims, and known as the Buzzard Roost, which land I desire to be divided - Ten acres to my Son Frances M - ten acres to my son Robert; and the remaining Eight acres to be divided equally between my daughters Chany Newsom and Jane Arnold.
Item 7 All of the rest of my property, both real and personal, both real and personal, not herein bequeathed, I will and desire my Executor to sell, and the proceed of all my Estate, including money on hand, proceeds of notes, and Sales of my property, after paying off all of my debts,
and costs of administration, shall be here divided equally between my children, William Reeves, Chany Newsom, Benjamin Reeves, John Reeves, Robert Reeves, Francis M Reeves, Jane Arnold, and the children of my deceased daughter Lucinda Cross that may be living, and
the representatives of such as may be dead, to have their Mothers Share, being one Eighth
Item 8 I have by deeds of gift heretofore conveyed to my Son Robert, William, Benjamin and John, their Shares of my land, and hence I give them nothing- until the specific Legatees are paid off, then they are to coma in-
Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my friend Edmond Cooper, the Executor of this my last will and testament--
Witness my hand Seal this 30 April 1859.
Signed, sealed, and acknowledged in my presence this 30 April 1859Isham X(his mark) Reeves (Seal)
Robert Mathews
Henry Cooper.


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