Reeves DNA Project Update - 1q2021

DNA Project News - 2021 1q

Reeves DNA Project Updates - 1q 2021

2021 sadly started in much the same way 2020 ended, with only minimal activity within the Reeves DNA Project during January and February. Things have got a little busier in March and at the end of the first quarter of 2021 the project membership is 375, an increase of seven over the quarter.

As mentioned previously we were excited to see a new match to the members of the recently formed DNA Group 21.  Beverly reached out to Stewart and he joined our project very early in January and his results were duly added to DNA Group 21. In February we welcomed David. March has been a little busier, with five new kits registered. We welcome Larry, Amy, Christopher, Michelle and Beverly R.

During the past quarter we've received the results for three new Y-DNA Donor members
    Kit 906240 for DC                      presently ungrouped
    Kit 943060 for LH                      presently ungrouped
    Kit IN91351 for SR                     added to DNA Group 21
We would encourage all new Y-DNA donors or their representatives to make contact and allow us to identify them within TRP.

The Y-DNA test results for two of our three new Y_DNA members are currently sitting in the Project’s ungrouped pool and we strongly suspect they are both members of our DNA Group XX. Whilst we will automatically move Y-DNA matched results to the appropriate Project Group, we do not move unmatched results to DNA Group XX with out explicit confirmation to TRP from the donor or their proxy. Please take a minute to read DNA Group XX's home page within TRP for information on how to provide consent. All it takes is a simple proforma e-mail as described on the Home page....

During the past quarter we've seen no notifications for new Family Finder results (from a new at-DNA Donor) and one notification of the results from a new mt-DNA donor.

Activity Feed Accessibility

Last quarter we reported that the FtDNA Activity feed had suddenly stopped being visible to the world at large and could now only be read by project members when logged in. We feel this is a retrograde step since a casual reader may have been inspired to join us. We have approached FtDNA and are none the wiser as to why this change was made by them nor whether it will be reversed.

If you missed last quarter's summary the DNA Project Update for 4q2020 is available here.

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