FAQ - I'm new here. What should I do first?


Q: I'm new here. What should I do first?

A: Relax!

Welcome to The Reeves Project wiki.

Please take your time and look round to see what you can find. You'll see its a little different to conventional genealogy software you may have used previously and may take a little re-adjusting. But don't be put off, the difference is our strength!

To help you get acquainted with The Reeves Project wiki we have a short series of mini guides, part of The Learning Series. You are encouraged to work your way through these "First Steps" in sequence. You don't need to do them all at once and there is no test at the end!

By the way, Tiki, sometime TikiWiki or abbreviated to TW, is the name of the software product underpinning The Reeves Project wiki.

The Learning Series - First Steps

Part 1 -  Setting your Real Name within the wiki
Part 2 -  Creating your first wiki page - your AboutMe page
Part 3 -  Collaboration - updating your Mentor Team's Talk_ Page
Part 4 -  Searching - Does this person already exist in TRP
Part 5 -  Creating your first Person Page - a page for your Reeves Ancestor
Part 6 -  Linking Person Pages - using wiki links to provide navigation

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