FAQ Naming Wiki Pages for Individuals


Q: What convention should I adopt when entering a new Person page?

A: FamilyName_GivenName_99999

Since its will be best to see all individuals with the same family name (surname) grouped together, starting the wiki page name with the FamilyName makes most sense. For female ancestors, please be sure to use their maiden surname as their FamilyName when creating a person page for them.

The Wiki isn't well behaved with spaces in its page names, so please used an underscore rather than a space as a separator.

The FamilyName_ should be followed by one or more GivenNames, again underscore not space between names.

Since we will likely have many individuals called William Reeves and each will need a person page, please add a random one to four or five digit suffix. It is suggested that presumed year of birth or death is NOT used, since this information may subsequently prove to be incorrect and wiki page names can not easily be retrospectively changed. If the genealogy package you use assigns a reference number to each individual, you may care to use this as the suffix.

As you start to enter your new page name you will see the names of already existing, similarly named pages. If you are certain you are entering information about a new individual, please make sure your chosen page name does not already exist. Pick a new random suffix as necessary.

Please take care not to unintentionally change information about another similarly named individual.

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