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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pages provide general guidance on using TRP and specific guidance on creating some types of pages.     If an FAQ doesn't exist for a type of page you're interested in creating within the Wiki, please contact your Mentor Team and also consider creating an FAQ page for the benefit of others.

FAQ Pages by Page Name

FAQ_AboutMe - FAQ- AboutMe page guidance
FAQ_Adding_AUS_State_or_Territory - FAQ - Adding Australian State or Territory
FAQ_Adding_US_State_or_UK_County - FAQ - Adding a UK County or US State
FAQ_Alternative_Given_Name - FAQ - Alternative Given Names
FAQ_Alternative_Surnames - FAQ - Alternate Surnames
FAQ_Category_Census_Records - FAQ - When and How to use the Category for Census Records
FAQ_Category_Military_Service - FAQ - When and How to use the Category for Militray Service
FAQ_Category_Person - FAQ - When and How to use the Category for People
FAQ_Comments - FAQ - Making Commnets on Wiki Pages
FAQ_Device_Types_Supported - FAQ - What Types of Device can I use to access TRP
FAQ_DNA_Groups_TRP_Members_Lists - FAQ - DNA Groups - TRP Members Lists
FAQ_Editing_Stub_Pages - FAQ - Editing Stub Pages
FAQ_Family_Name_Variation - FAQ Handling unstable Family Names
FAQ_File_Attachments - FAQ - Attaching Files to Wiki Pages
FAQ_First_Steps - FAQ - First Steps {re-direct}
FAQ_Getting_Started - FAQ - Getting Started {re-direct}
FAQ_Gleanings - FAQ - Gleaning Pages - Overview
FAQ_Gleanings_GB_1851_Census - FAQ - Gleanings from the GB 1851 Census
FAQ_Gleanings_Page_Naming - FAQ - Naming Wiki Pages for Gleanings
FAQ_Home - Home Page for FAQ and Help Pages
FAQ_Indexing_Married_Women - FAQ - Indexing Married Women
FAQ_Line_Pages_File_Naming - FAQ Naming Pages for Lines with DNA Groups
FAQ_Linking_Wiki_Pages - FAQ - When to use Wiki Links
FAQ_Masthead_Background - FAQ - Masthead Background
FAQ_My_Bookmarks - FAQ - How to use My Bookmarks
FAQ_New_Here - FAQ - I'm new here. What should I do first?
FAQ_Page_Desc_Figment - FAQ - Page Description Appended {figment}
FAQ_Password_Reset - FAQ - Change TRP Account Password
FAQ_Person_Page_Children - FAQ - Detailing Children on a Person Page
FAQ_Person_Page_Content - FAQ - What content to include in a Person Page
FAQ_Person_Page_Linking_Individuals - FAQ - Creating Wiki Links between Individuals in Person Pages
FAQ_Person_Page_Naming - FAQ Naming Wiki Pages for Individuals
FAQ_Recording_Dates - FAQ - Recording Dates in Narrative - Spell the Month
FAQ_Renaming_Wiki_Pages - FAQ – Renaming Wiki Pages
FAQ_Structures - FAQ - Creating Structures
FAQ_TRP_Is_It_Down - FAQ - Is TRP Down? Where to find Status Updates
FAQ_UK_Chapman_County_Codes - GB Chapman County Codes
FAQ_US_County_Naming - US County Naming
FAQ_US_County_Sub_Page_Naming - FAQ - Naming Wiki Pages subordinate to a US County
FAQ_What_should_I_do - FAQ - Page Content Issues. What should I do?
ZZZ-FAQ-Status-List - FAQ - List of Pages needed, in progess or complete

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