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There is nothing magic or automatic about this page. We need your help in maintaining it.

As we invest effort in writing FAQ, Help and similar informational pages, we need to know what the status of each is. For each page, we need up to four pieces of information, please do your best to provide them. There are a number of stages each page will go through, normally they will move only a single stage at a time.

Needed, but not yet Assigned.

Needs Topic Title & Summary

1.1.1. What Makes a good FAQ page?

Summary Need style guidance for FAQ pages.

1.1.2. Why do I need to suffix my Person Pages?

Summary Page names need to be unique and we all have a Henry, William or George Reeves

1.1.3. Mentor's Role

Summary I've been asked to be part of a Mentor Team. What does a mentor do? (Mentor's perspective)

1.1.4. I'm New Here. What does my mentor team do for me? (Mentor's Role)

Summary Helps you find your feet in the Reeves Project, but doesn't do research for you.     Might help out with ideas if you're lucky ;-)

1.1.5. What does the "?" mean?

Summary Explain links to not yet created pages.

Work in Progress

Needs Topic Title & Summary, Primary Author and ((Page_Name|Page Description))

1.1.1. I'm New here. What should I first

Summary Guidance for newbie (and script for mentors)
PrimAuth Martin B
PageLink FAQ_New_Here |Q: I'm New Here. What should I do first

1.1.2. Surname/Family Name Variation

Summary Guidance for coping with unstable surnames
PrimAuth Martin
PageLink FAQ_Family_Name_Variation Q: How should I handle unstable Family Names
Date Rel
Date App

Ready for Review

For pages ready for review, you can either use the comments facility of the wiki or directly edit the page with suggested changes and/or feedback, but please leave the primary author's original text intact.
Needs Topic Title & Summary, Primary Author, ((Page_Name|Page Description)) and Date Released for Review.

1.1.1. Structures

Summary Describes step by step process of creating structures
PrimAuth Beverly
PageLink FAQ_Structures FAQ - Creating Structures
Date Rel 13 Jul 2010
Date App

1.1.2. Indexing Married Women

Summary Creating stub page for a woman's married name
PrimAuth Bev
PageLink FAQ_Indexing_Married_Women FAQ - Indexing Married Women
Date Rel 15 Jul 2010
Updated 30 Aug 2010   Martin added Example Content Snippet
Date App

1.1.3. What should I do?

Summary Someone has already created a page for my GGGGF! Combination of pages "its empty" and "they got it all wrong". Is it really your person? Mentor as moderator
PrimAuth Bev
PageLink FAQ_What_should_I_do FAQ - What should I do
Date Rel 12 Aug 2010
Date App

1.1.4. Adding US State or UK County

Summary Explains addition of the two pages needed for a new US State/UK County, including code snippets and skeleton pages
PrimAuth Martin
PageLink FAQ_Adding_US_State_or_UK_County Q:How do I add a new US State or UK County to the Wiki
Date Rel 25 Aug 2010
Date App

1.1.5. Line Pages (DNA Groups) File Naming

Summary Guidance on naming DNA Line Pages
PrimAuth Martin
PageLink FAQ_Line_Pages_File_Naming Q: How should I name a DNA Line Page.
Date Rel 25 Oct 2010
Date App

Summary Guidance on when and how to link Wiki Pages
PrimAuth Martin
PageLink FAQ_Linking_Wiki_Pages   Q: When should I create Links between Wiki Pages?
Date Rel 6 Jan 2011
Date App

1.1.7. Using the Category for Military Service

Summary Guidance on using the Category Military Service.
PrimAuth Martin
PageLink FAQ_Category_Military_Service Q: How & when to use the Category Military Service.
Date Rel 24 Jan 2011
Date App

1.1.8. Restricting Content to Community Members/Hiding it from Crawlers

Summary Guidance on when and how to restrict visibility of wiki page content
PrimAuth Martin
PageLink FAQ_For_Our_Eyes_Only   Q: Can Wiki Pages be restricted to Community Members only?
Date Rel 23 March 2011
Date App

1.1.9. Password Reset

Summary How to reset a user account password
PrimAuth Martin
PageLink FAQ_Password_Reset
Date Rel 2 August 2011
Date App

1.1.10. AboutMe Pages (version 2)

Summary Updated Guidance on creating an AboutMe Page
PrimAuth Martin
PageLink FAQ_AboutMe
Date Rel (v1) 1 April 2011
Date Rel (v2) 28 September 2011
Date App

Good Enough (for now)

Needs Topic Title & Summary, Primary Author, ((Page_Name|Page Description)) and Date Approved

1.1.1. Person Page - Content

Summary Person Pages - Content
PrimAuth MartinB
PageLink FAQ_Person_Page_Content Q: What Content should I include in a Person Page
Date App 4 May 2010

1.1.2. Person Pages - File Naming

Summary FamilyName_GivenName_RandonNumberSuffix
PrimAuth MartinB
PageLink FAQ_Person_Page_Naming Q: What convention should I adopt when entering a new Person page?
Date App 5 May 2010 (updated 5 Jul 2010)

Summary Describes use of ((Page_Name|page description )) syntax and Wiki Link tool
PrimAuth MartinB
PageLink FAQ_Person_Page_Linking_Individuals Q: How do I link one Person Page to another Person Page
Date App 5 May 2010

1.1.4. Recording Dates

Summary We're an international site, spell out the month
PrimAuth MartinB
PageLink FAQ_Recording_Dates Q. How should I Record Dates in the Wiki
Date App 4 May 2010

1.1.5. US County Naming

Summary As StateCode_County_Countyname eg TX_County_Tarrant
PrimAuth Cherie
PageLink FAQ_US_County_Naming Q: What convention should I adopt when entering a new US County page?
Date App 25 May 2010
Updated 25 Aug 2010 by MRB to reverse out an unwanted automatic update when flipping the pairs of US State pages

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