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Errors of The Reeves Review II

William Reeves

Page 34, ID 212

Lineage is incorrect as established by historical records and DNA, i.e. (Malachi, James, William, William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert).

There is no evidence that Malachi and Fortune Reeves had a son William. Based upon research of the probate, deeds and other records of Guilford County, there is no record that William Reeves, ID 212.iv, with wife Hannah Smith, listed as a child of Malachiah and Fortune Reeves existed. Among all the deeds by Fortune Reeves conveying property to their sons after Malachi's death, there are NO deeds to a son, William. This William also supposedly died in Wilkes County, GA in 1816. The William Reeves who died in Wilkes County, Georgia in 1816 is undoubtably William Reeves, the son of James Reeves who was the only William Reeves living in Guilford County circa 1780 to 1800. The only reference to an unidentified William Reeves was in the will of John Rhodes which then must be William, the son of James Reeves. The will lists no bequest to the wife of William Reeves and daughter of John Rhodes but neither is there a bequest to his son John Rhodes, Jr., yet both William Reeves and John Rhodes, Jr. (with their relationships stated) are named in the will as Executors.

Deed records of Guilford County as early as 1784 establish that James Reeves' son William's wife was Hannah. As to a marriage of a William Reeves to Hannah Smith, the only such record is in Mecklenberg County in 1820, four years after the William Reeves of Wilkes County died and the marriage certificate shows the signature of William "Rives".

Additionally, the Reeves Review incorrectly listed Sidney King Reeves and Elisha Reeves as children of William Reeves and Hannah. Neither are listed in the 1816 will of William Reeves, nor in the 1826 Wilkes County probate records for the estate of Hannah Reeves. Sidney King Reeves' parentage is currently unknown but Elisha Reeves appears to be the son of James Reeves of Lancaster County, South Carolina.

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