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Errors of The Reeves Review II

William Reeves

Page 9, ID 19
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The Reeves Review states that this William Reeves, who died in Granville, NC, in 1751 is the son of William Rives born 1636 and the grandson of Timothy Ryves born 1588 in Oxford, England. The lineage listed as (William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert) is completely incorrect.

DNA of the descendants of William Reeves of Granville is classified as Group 3 in the Reeves DNA Project. Numerous proven descendants of Timothy Rives born 1588 have DNA test results that fall in Reeves DNA Group 8. This means that William Reeves and his descendants are not of the Robert Ryves line that is documented in Reliques of Rives by James Rives Childs.

See DNA Group 8 on this wiki for the lines of the eight DNA group 8 participants.

See also the Family Of Robert Ryves for more information on the descendants of the Ryves of Oxfordshire.

No evidence has ever been cited for the name of the father of William Reeves of Granville nor has any evidence ever been found that connects him to the Rives/Ryves/Reeves families of Reliques of the Rives.