Reaves, Josias (c1757 MD - 1844 NC)


Reaves, Josias


Father: possibly William Reaves
Mother: possibly Ann

Birth: possibly 15 Feb 1757, Prince George's County, Maryland (?)
Birth Source: St. John's Parish Register, 1800 Census

Death: before Sep 1844, Montgomery County, North Carolina
Death Source: NC Estate File

Spouse1: Sarah MNU


Josias Reaves along with William Reaves is recorded in early North Carolina census which are based upon tax records as being a resident of Montgomery County in 1780. The 1782 tax list of Montgomery County lists William, Josias and Samuel Reaves. By 1790, they were joined by Jesse Reaves but there is currently nothing to document their relationships.

Josias Reaves along with Samuel Reaves signed a petition dated 19 April 1777 to form Montgomery County from Anson County, to the Senate, etc., from the “inhabitants of the Upper End of the County of Anson” asking that the county be divided since the county has “grown populous”.

There may be no way to verify Josias Reaves' origins, but the birth records of St. John's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland record the birth of a Josias Reeves to William & Ann Reeves in 1757. In 1759, the same William & Ann Reeves are recorded as parents to Elizabeth Reeves. Those are the last records of that family to be found in Prince George's County. There is currently no way to be certain, but since many other Marylanders migrated to the Rowan County area of North Carolina before 1800, this may likely be the origins of this family.

The 1830 Census of Montgomery County NC gives the estimated age of Josias (Josiah) Reeves as 60-70 which would be in keeping with the previously mentioned date of 1757 listed for the birth of Josias, son of William Reeves and Ann of Prince George's County, Maryland.

The 1845 estate file of Josiah Reeves mentions no family other than his widow Sarah whose own estate was filed in 1846. The 1800 census lists Josias' household with 1 male 16-25 and 4 males over 45 who are presumably Josiah and his siblings. The household does not include a female; however, the 1810 census lists 2 males over age 45 and 1 female over 45. The 1820 census of Montgomery County does not appear to be extant. That census could have included children of Josias' but from the available census records, it appears that he did not have children and may not have married


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