Reeve, Isaac ( - 1668)


Reeve, Isaac


Father: John Reve

Birth Source:

Death: May 1668
Death Source: Will & Probate

Spouse1: ?
Spouse2: Ann


Children of Isaac Reeve:
  1. Isaac Reeve, b. c1634
  2. William Reeve, b. c1636, d. Oct 1652
  3. Thomas Reeve, b. c1639, probably Thomas Reeve

Children of Isaac Reeve and Ann:
  • John Reeve, b. c1647

Isaac probably lived in High Easter, Essex and then later in Good Easter. He was a brother of Thomas Reeve of High Easter. Thomas mentions his brother Isaac and his three sons Thomas, Isaac, and John in his will written in 1657.

In his own will, written in 1668 and probated 28 Apr 1692, he mentions "Isaack Reeve my eldest" and "my two other sonnes Thomas Reeve and John Reeve," which is consistent with his brother's will. He also gave "all that my freehold messuage or tenement wherein I lately dwell called Small Shoes...situate lying and being in the pish at of Good Easter and Mashbury." This land is mentioned as the property of Thomas Reeve of Good Easter written in 1691, which makes it likely he was the son Thomas.

The following entries appear to pertain to his family in the Good Easter, St. Andrew Parish Register:
  • Isacke Reve the sonne of Isacke Reeve was bapt the xx?? daie of Februarie 1633
  • William the sonne of Isaac Reeve was baptized teh tenth day of April 1636
  • Thomas Reeve the sonne of Isaac Reeve was baptized the 23d day of Aprill 1639
  • John the son of Isaac and Anne Reeve was baptized November the 23d day (1647)
  • William the son of Isaac Reeve buried Octobr 22 (1652)
  • Anne the wife of Isaac Reeve buried Octobr 28 (1652)
  • Isaac Reeve was Buried May 21 (1668)

Since the son John was born so much later and mentions the mother's name, she was likely a second wife.

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