Reeve, Joseph ( - 1711)


Reeve, Joseph



Birth Source:

Death: cNov 1711
Death Source: burial

Spouse1: Susan Bones, m. 31 Mar 1685, Thaxted, Essex


Children of Joseph Reeve:
  1. Joseph Reeve, b. c1686
  2. Susana Reeve, b. c1687
  3. John Reeve, b. c1689, bu. 4 Sep 1711?
  4. Richard Reeve, b. c1693
  5. William Reeve, b. 1 May 1698
  6. Jonathan Reeve, b. 19 Oct 1703
  7. Thomas Reeve, b. 26 Jun 1705

Joseph Reeve of Bocking mentions his wife Susan, son Joseph, a daughter (unnamed), and "my sons John Richard William Jonathan and Thomas" in his 1709 will. The will was probated on 10 Oct 1712.

This matches the following entries from the Bocking Parish Register:
  • Joseph son of Joseph Reeve, baptized 9 Apr 1686
  • Susana daughter of Joseph Reeve baptized 25 Aug 1687
  • John Reeve son of Joseph Reeve baptized 22 Dec 1689
  • Richard Reeve son of Joseph Reeve baptized 1 Sep 1693
  • William Reeve son of Joseph Reeve, born 1 May 1698, baptized 2 May 1698
  • Jonathan Reeve son of Joseph Reeve, b. 19 Oct 1703, baptized 20 Oct 1703
  • Thomas Reeve son of Joseph Reeve, b. 26 Jun 1705, baptized 27 Jun 1705
  • John Reeve son of Joseph Reeve, buried 4 Sep 1711
  • Joseph Reeve, buried 1 Dec 1711

There is an earlier Sarah daughter of Joseph Reeve baptized 21 Sep 1677. This is unlikely to be the same Jospeh, or at least not from the same mother.

This matches Joseph Reeve who married Susan Bones on 31 Mar 1685 in Thaxted, only about eight miles from Bocking and Gosfield. There are no other entries for a Joseph Reeve in the Thaxted parish register, indicating this is likely the same individual.

Research Notes

This may be the son of John Reeve but this remains to be seen.


Marriage1:  Thaxted, Essex Parish Register

1709 Will - Joseph Reeve - Archbishop of Canterbury: Peculiar of Deanery of Bocking, D/APbW 2/50

Bocking, Essex Parish Register